Adding Raw Garlic To Bread Dough

adding raw garlic to bread dough
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adding raw garlic to bread dough

People all around the world enjoy eating delicious foods, but most of them might think of cooking as just a chore. However, you should note that cooking can be a lot more fun than just eating. This is because you can create stuff for yourself and eat whatever you want. Additionally, people can easily change or alter recipes according to their tastes.

Though, before you start cooking or try to change recipes it is important to be completely prepared beforehand. This includes gathering all the equipment and ingredients. But also includes checking if the changes you want to make will taste good with your dish. One popular recipe that some people might think about making changes to is bread dough.

Bread Dough

Bread dough is fermented using yeast or leavened using different chemicals. Aside from this, the dough required ingredients like salt, oils, sugar, milk, and even eggs. Once you have completely prepared the dough using all the ingredients you want to use.

The user can then cook this in their oven for some time. This will puff up the dough turning it into a loaf of bread. Considering this, many changes can be made to the recipe as there are numerous types of bread that you can make. Although, one question that people have recently been asking is if they can add raw garlic to bread dough and how this can be done.

Adding Raw Garlic to Bread Dough

Usually mixing in garlic with bread dough is required when making garlic bread. However, this requires you to roast the garlic in most cases. If you are thinking of using raw garlic in your garlic bread then this is entirely possible. Although, the main thing that you will have to look out for is the amount of garlic used. This is because when the ingredient is roasted, the pungent taste within it is decreased.

On the other hand, using raw garlic can overpower the taste of bread and will make your garlic bread taste like garlic instead. This is why you must use a low amount of garlic when using it completely fresh. As for the rest of the recipe, this should be the same. Once you have gathered all of your ingredients, you can start mixing them up. This includes blending the parsley, garlic, cheese, and butter in a small bowl.

Then cut the bread in any shape that you like and applying the mixture you had just made to it. Finally, bake or fry the bread until it starts to get crispy. When it comes to this step, you can cook your bread for as long as you like. This is because people might like different levels of crisp on their garlic bread.

Though, keep in mind that the bread can easily start to get burnt which is why you must keep an eye on it. Once you are done with cooking your dish, you can start eating it or even pair it with a sauce of your liking.

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