4 Best Alternatives To Garlic Bread

alternative to garlic bread
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alternative to garlic bread

Bread is a common ingredient for everyone out there, especially if someone likes sandwiches and toasts. However, garlic bread has recently become popular and is widely consumed with pasta, soups, stews, and more. On the contrary, baking garlic bread can sometimes be challenging, which is why we are sharing the alternative to garlic bread!

Garlic Bread – What Is It?

Garlic bread is mostly made with the help of a French baguette as well as sourdough, and it’s cut into slices in the downward direction. The garlic bread can be stuffed with minced garlic and oil before it’s baked. Moreover, some people use garlic powder and butter, but every slice is garnished separately.

The ingredients of the garlic bread lead to a flavorful and crunchy texture. Also, garlic bread was first baked in Italy back in the 15th century, and people from Ancient Rome used to make garlic bread as well.

The best thing about garlic bread is that the taste will be different according to the bread you use. For instance, if you used whole wheat brown bread, it will have a higher nutrition count, such as fiber.

In addition, garlic can reduce your chances of heart diseases and strengthen the immune system (garlic bread sounds pretty healthy). Moreover, people top and garnish garlic bread with parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, feta cheese, or cheddar cheese. Now, let’s see what you can use in place of garlic bread!

Alternative To Garlic Bread:

1. Garlic Spread

In particular, we are talking about roasted garlic spread, and it’s a healthier option as compared to garlic bread. This is because garlic spread doesn’t have added oil and butter, which means there won’t be extra calories. The garlic spread can be easily made at home since you only have to chop off the garlic’s top, roast it in the oven, and use the fork to make holes in the cloves.

Then, take out the cloves from the roasted head and just spread the gooey texture on the bread loaf. Also, you can just toast this bread slice, and it will taste perfect. The best thing about garlic spread is that it has become a promising source of vitamins and will kill harmful bacteria in your system.

2. Garlic Butter

For people who don’t have garlic available to make spread at home, they can simply buy garlic butter. Garlic butter provides vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin K. It has a minimal percentage of saturated fats that won’t harm your body or heart. For the most part, garlic butter has a creamy and bold flavor, and it’s made with a combination of garlic, lemon juice, oil, and salt.

Even if you don’t find it in the grocery store, you can make garlic butter, and it doesn’t even need refrigeration. Garlic butter can simply spread on the bread, and you can use it for adding flavor to fish, chicken, and other types of meat. However, if you want to spread it on the bread, it’s best to mix it with soft butter for better flavors.

3. Kale Chips

This might not sound like a perfect substitute, but kale chips with garlic make an amazing option for garlic bread. Kale is a green vegetable that can be cooked into crispy chip-like texture and consistency and is made in the oven. It provides a perfect crunch that you get from the garlic bread. For this purpose, you only need to bake kale leaves on the baking sheet, sprinkle some cooking spray, add garlic powder, and bake it to make the perfect substitute for garlic bread.

The best thing about kale chips is that it has amazing antioxidants and offers vitamin K and vitamin C. in addition, it can help reduce the cholesterol which eventually reduces the chances of heart issues. If you want to get the best flavor, you should bake the kale chips slow and low.

4. Garlic Tortillas

Garlic tortillas are suitable for people who want perfect crunch and garlic flavor. For this purpose, you can simply bake tortillas in the oven and sprinkle some garlic powder or minced garlic along with the cooking spray to make a crispy and crunchy tortilla.

The best thing about garlic tortillas is that they offer a bread-like texture (yes, just like garlic bread) and garlic flavor. To summarize, you should try using flour tortillas to ensure the best outcomes, and the addition of sea salt flakes will simply enhance the flavor.

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