6 Common Yedi Air Fryer Problems (Troubleshooting)

yedi air fryer problems
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yedi air fryer problems

It doesn’t matter how expensive your air fryer is; it is likely to malfunction at some point. For instance, Yedi is a promising brand in the market, but there are some Yedi air fryer problems. With this article, we are outlining the common problems along with the solutions!

Yedi Air Fryer Problems

1) Loud Noises

You signed up for crispy food, not the noises, right? That being said, if the Yedi air fryer is making loud noises, there are issues with the mechanical fan. The mechanical fan tends to produce the sound when it is spinning to circulate the hot air. Similarly, the faulty fan might produce too much noise. For this purpose, you will need to take the air fryer to the technician.

On the contrary, if there are rattling sounds in the air fryer, there are chances of loose components within an air fryer. In this case, it’s best to call Yedi customer support, and they will deliver better repairs.

2) Won’t Switch On

Imagine getting your French fries ready, and the air fryer won’t switch on; that’s frustrating, right? So, when the Yedi air fryer doesn’t switch on, it can be because of the power sources. First of all, the power plug might be loose and will deliver power interruption issues. That being said, the bad power connection might be the reason why the air fryer isn’t switching on.

For this purpose, you must check the power cable and power outlet. These must be working optimally. So, try to replace the power cable or try opting for another power outlet. Secondly, you could check the circuit breaker in the air fryer. For the circuit breaker, you must call in the technician for better repair.

3) White Smoke

When the Yedi air fryer starts blurring out white smoke, people get panicked but believe us, you don’t have to be worried. First of all, if there is too much water in the air fryer, it will create steam, which is often confused as white smoke. On the contrary, white smoke also builds up when you are cooking something fatty or greasy.

We suggest that you check the appropriate fat levels of the Yedi air fryer because excess fat levels will lead to white smoke. This issue can be curbed by not cooking edibles with fats and oils. It’s best to check the collection pan and reduce the oil content in it. When you remove the oil, it will reduce the chances of white smoke.

4) Black Smoke

Black smoke is surely a troublesome issue, but it can be fixed for sure. The prime reason why the air fryer escapes black smoke is because of damaged heating elements or the malfunctioned circuit. If you have the warranty, it’s best to call Yedi customer support, and they can provide assistance. However, if the warranty isn’t available, you could tamper it out on your own.

First of all, you need to take out the power plug from the air fryer as soon as the black smoke comes out. It might be because of plastic components burning in the air fryer. So, you could call the professional technician, and they will fix that for you.

5) Lingering Food Odors

Everybody loves the freshly cooked food and imagine your food smelling like something else. These lingering food odors are usually because of dripped oil and remaining food particles in the air fryer. These buildups are made in various parts of the air fryer. The prime reason is the cleaning issue. For this purpose, you need to take out the tray and rack.

Once out, use the warm yet soapy water for cleaning up these parts. However, if you don’t like cleaning, we suggest that you add baking paper or aluminum foil to the bottom of the basket. As a result, cleaning the air fryer will be extremely easy and won’t have a lingering food smell.

6) Blue Smoke

In addition to white and black smoke, blue smoke coming out of the Yedi air fryer is pretty common. If the air fryer is sending out blue smoke, it’s because of an electrical fault. You need to arrange the inspection with the technician. The technician can fix the electricity-related issues, and the blue smoke issue will be fixed. Also, always hire a professional technician, and they must be skilled enough to handle the Yedi air fryer.

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