Why Is Gelato So Expensive? (4 Reasons)

why is gelato so expensive
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why is gelato so expensive

Gelato is simply another name for ice cream. It was originated in Italy. However, gelato includes more flavor and a smoother texture. It contains less quantity of fat as compared to normal ice cream. Also, it has less air in it. Many people often ask questions regarding gelato. The most common question asked many people is “why is gelato so expensive?”

If you are also wondering why you have to pay twice as much to buy a cup of gelato as compared to regular ice cream, then we recommend you keep reading our article! It will provide you with all the possible reasons for gelato being so expensive.

Why Is Gelato So Expensive?

  1. Supply And Demand

The demand for gelato is generally low as compared to regular ice cream. For this reason, the supply of gelato is limited. The limited stock means a higher price. Store owners have to import gelato from other countries. This means that they have to pay high taxes in return. Hence, they have to spend a lot of money just to buy gelato and import it to their country.

This is one of the reasons which results in the high price of gelato. The shop owners have to pay bills and taxes.

  1. High-Quality Ingredients

Gelato is hands down healthier than regular ice cream. This is because gelato is made with ingredients of superior quality. These ingredients are high in price and cost a lot. It typically offers less fat, less sugar content, and fewer calories. Gelato is often made by using excellent quality fruits or fruit juices which adds another nutritional factor to the diet when eating gelato.

It is smooth, denser, and rich in texture and flavor because of its ingredients. All these factors play a crucial role in the high price of gelato.

  1. Staff/Labor

You may have observed that when you go to buy gelato, you see staff serving gelato in scoops for their beloved customers. This results in additional labor that results in an increased cost of the product. This is one of the reasons why you may notice the price of gelato to be higher than the traditional ice cream.

  1. Storage

Gelato is stored in special refrigerators. This is because gelato is best stored at a temperature less than zero degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is increased than the expected temperature, the gelato will go bad. It will make gelato all crunchy and icy in texture and result in an unpleasant flavor due to which you will not be able to buy and eat the product. Therefore, a special refrigerator for gelato is required that maintains the required temperature and you will not be able to enjoy it.

Substitutes For Gelato

Gelato has an incredibly unique taste. It resembles a local ice cream in flavor, but it has more richness and enhanced flavor as compared to the typical ice cream we often buy from local stores. There are some substitutes that you can try in case you cannot buy gelato for some reason.

  • Sorbet

Sorbet can be used as a substitute for gelato. It contains fresh fruits and sugar. It does not contain any dairy products which is a viable choice for those who prefer to avoid dairy products.

  • Granita

Granita is another substitute for gelato. It is also known as Italian ice. Granita is remarkably similar to gelato and sorbet in terms of its flavor and taste. It includes sugar, water, and various flavoring as key ingredients.

  • Frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a trending dessert nowadays. It is also really good for the immune system. This is because eating yogurt may add probiotics into your diet. Probiotics help you with your digestion process and strengthen your immune system.

The Bottom Line

Gelato is known for its rich flavor and price all around the world. To conclude the above discussion, even though gelato is so expensive, people love to buy it for many reasons such as its advantages for health or just to try something new and fancy. We have provided you with multiple reasons that explain the high price of gelato. If you want to learn more, feel free to thoroughly read our article.

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