7 Tips On How To Fix An Ice Cream Scoop

how to fix an ice cream scoop
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How To Fix An Ice Cream Scoop

If you are a fan of enjoying an ice cream after your dinner course, we are sure you have ice cream tubs and scoops available at all times. An ice cream scoop is important to ensure the ice cream is properly shaped and comes out in an even portion. However, many people struggle with a broken ice cream scoop which results in uneven ice cream. So, if you want to know how to fix an ice cream scoop, we are here with the solutions.

How To Fix An Ice Cream Scoop?

1. Put It In The Freezer & Lubricate It

If you don’t have to scrape the ice cream immediately, you can put it in the freezer for over an hour. This is because it will harden up the scoop, and it will become easier to scrape the ice cream. In addition, it is better to use this trick for fully chilled ice cream. All in all, this trick works better for softened ice cream as compared to melted ice cream.

In addition to freezing the scoop, you also need to lubricate it to make sure the ice cream cones out from the ice cream tub easily. For instance, you can add some vegetable oil to your scoop, and it will be convenient to scrape out the ice cream. On the other hand, if you don’t like using vegetable oil, you can use margarine or butter. However, butter is likely to harden up when it cools down and won’t deliver enough traction. So, try these two steps and see how it optimizes the ice cream-scooping process.

2. Heat Up The Scoop

We understand that heating up the scoop is completely opposite to freezing it. For this purpose, you should submerge your ice cream scoop in hot water for over two minutes. In case you have warm running water, you should keep it under running water for two to three minutes. An additional way of heating up the scoop is rubbing warm oil on the scoop with the help of a paper towel. So, try any method that’s convenient for you.

3. Stick It In The Ice Cream

When you have to remove hard ice cream from the ice cream tub, make sure you stick it in the middle of your ice cream tub to make sure it doesn’t hit the container’s edge. This is because when you push down the scoop on edge, the hands will be soaked in the ice cream, and taking it out from the middle portion will prevent the problem.

4. Submerge Scoop In Cold Water

If none of the above-mentioned steps are working out for you, you can simply drop the ice cream scoop in the cold water bowl. This is a great option for people who want to scoop out hard ice cream because it will make it easier to melt the hard ice cream, and removing it from the ice cream container will be easier.

5. Use Your Rubber Gloves

This is another way of fixing the ice cream scoop and streamlining the ice cream scraping process. That being said, you have to submerge your rubber gloves in hot water and wear them before you start scraping out the ice cream. Also, if you are wondering which gloves are suitable, you can use the regular rubber gloves that you use for washing dishes.

6. Clean It Up

If your ice cream scoop is not working because something is stuck in it, you need to clean up the scoop. For this purpose, you need to use a brush for unclogging the scoop as it works better than soaking the scoop in the water. In fact, you can submerge it in warm water, insert a brush, and clean out the clogging. The second method of cleaning the scoop is putting it under a running tap, but you should use a brush to clean it simultaneously.

7. Use Chalk

If you don’t have access to dish soap and want to clean out the clogging from your scoop, you can opt for chalk because it helps get rid of hardened ice cream. This is because chalk helps break up the clogged ice cream for quick cleaning. However, you must have enough chalk because you will need to repeat the process. In addition to chalk, you can also use baking soda because it melts the hard ice cream and will clean up the stubborn stains.

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