Why Doesn’t Dominos Have Ham? (Answered)

why doesn't dominos have ham
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why doesn’t dominos have ham

Ham, otherwise known in the US as “Canadian bacon,” is a delectable addition to pizza and is especially good with pineapple.

This is because the savory, salty taste of the ham complements the tangy, sweet pineapple on the pizza. For a long time, Domino’s added ham as an option for some of their pizzas. Their Honolulu Hawaiian pizza was very popular at one time.

Domino’s even had the option of plant-based “ham” which was made from soy protein, pea protein, dried veggies, rice, herbs, and red rice. This was a great option for vegetarians and vegans.

However, many people have started wondering why they have now stopped adding ham to their pizza menu. What are the reasons for this? Let’s check out the details!

Why Doesn’t Domino’s Have Ham?

ham and pineapple pizza
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For those who are missing the ham option, Domino’s does still offer a salami topping. This rich and savory pizza includes peppers, provolone cheese, and onions.

However, some feel this is a poor substitute for ham and pineapple so let’s look deeper into the company’s reasons.

Has Domino’s Stopped Added Ham to Pizzas & Sandwiches?

Yes, Domino’s has stopped adding ham to their pizzas and sandwiches at most branches, and it has been taken off the app but if you look a bit further afield, you can still find it.

In particular, you will have to visit the Domino’s branches in some of the more expensive areas and order specialty pizzas or sandwiches to enjoy the ham variation. Keep in mind that you might have to pay a high price for the ham variations.

We’ve discovered that the reason behind the short supply of ham options on Domino’s menu is the countrywide shortage of ham.

store shop closed, due to the effect of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
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During the COVID-19 lockdowns, the ham manufacturing units were shut down, which resulted in a shortage of ham, hence the difficult decision by Domino’s management.

This tells us that with the country gradually beginning to normal and factories and meat plants opening up, the ham option will probably be restored soon.

The Petition

Of course, some regular Domino’s customers were angered by the company’s move and as a result, a petition was launched, asking the franchise to bring back the ham pizzas.

While the petition was launched about two years ago, only about 175 people signed it. 200 or more signatures are essential for featuring the petition in recommendation sections. The petition is titled “Bring Ham Back to Domino’s Pizza.”

Additional Things You Need to Remember while Ordering From Domino’s

As you can see, the problem is out of Domino’s control as they didn’t have a steady supply of ham. Perhaps it’s a good time to try out their other flavors and find a new favorite!

Meantime, here are a few pizza tips to take your mind off the loss of your ham and pineapple pizza.

  • Remember that pizza can hold only a limited number of toppings. The Italians keep it simple and often just use one or two with some herbs. Simple but delicious. Currently, Domino’s offers three price brackets for different toppings. In the majority of cases, people order multiple toppings, more than five, but it’s actually a bad decision. This is because when you order too many toppings, you get less of every topping. So, our top suggestion is that you don’t add more than four toppings to any pizza.
  • You must specify in which order you want the cheese. This is because various customers have received pizzas topped with red sauce if they didn’t specify cheese in the order.
  • The franchise sells about 3 million pizzas every day across the globe!
  • In the US, Domino’s drivers deliver around a million pizzas every day.
  • Some delicious alternatives that you might like to try are Farmhouse Pizza with Cheese Burst, Chicken Dominator, Peppy Paneer Cheese Burst Topped with Extra Cheese, and Pepper Barbeque Chicken. Vegetarians should try out the Pacific Coast Veggie Pizza.
  • It doesn’t matter if you order a regular pizza base or an Italian pizza base as both of them are the same.

Domino's Pizza takaway box on a table
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The Bottom Line

On a concluding note, yes, Domino’s has stopped using ham for their pizza and sandwiches on their regular menu but they do offer this meat topping on an occasional basis depending on supply.

Keep checking because we’re pretty certain ham is going to make a comeback soon!

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