Why Does My Toaster Smell Like Burning Plastic? (4 Possible Causes)

why does my toaster smell like burning plastic
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why does my toaster smell like burning plastic

Kitchen work is not convenient for everyone, but kitchen appliances are making it easier for many people. One such appliance is a toaster that can crisp up the bread and make toasts. However, there are chances that toasters will smell like plastic, but nobody knows the reason behind it. So, with this article, we are sharing the potential reasons behind burning plastic!

Why Does My Toaster Smell Like Burning Plastic?

If your toaster is giving off the plastic smell whenever you switch it on for making toasts, there are actually various reasons behind it. Not to forget, it can ruin the crisp and fresh aroma of the toasted bread. So, let’s check out the reasons and what can be done to eliminate the burning plastic smell!

1. Actual Plastic In Toaster

The first reason behind the burning plastic smell could be actual plastic pieces in the toaster. This is common among people who have recently unpacked the toaster and didn’t remove the packaging properly. That’s because there are chances that some packaging material dropper into the toaster when you are removing it from the toaster box. Secondly, there are chances that you dropped the bread pack’s plastic tie into the oven while you were trying to take out the bread slices.

For this purpose, you need to switch off the toaster and peek inside the toaster unit. Make sure that there are no plastic materials within the unit and be keen on proper packaging removal. On the other hand, if the toaster is old, you must remove the crumb tray and check it out for the presence of plastic. In case there is no plastic on the tray, you can simply check inside the toaster.

2. Is Your Toaster New?

Using new toasters is always exciting, but the new appliances will always have a weird smell when you decide to use them instantly. That’s because it will include the plastic burning smell. So, if your toaster is new, the plastic burning smell is common because of the manufacturing process. When you keep using the toaster, the smell will eventually go away.

It’s suggested that you don’t use the toaster immediately when you remove it from the box. To illustrate, you can simply switch on the toaster, press down the lever, and wait for the lever to pop up. It’s best to repeat this process twice or thrice (some people also use bread but throw them away – it’s food wastage, so it’s not recommended). In simpler words, the plastic burning smell will go away with a few uses!

3. Improper Cleaning

You won’t believe it, but improper cleaning is one of the reasons behind the burning plastic smell. With regular usage, the crumb tray will be filled with the crumbs, and their burning will cause weird smells. In addition to bread crumbs, it could be the broken parts of bagels and muffins trapped within the toaster.

For this reason, you must switch off the toaster and check it out thoroughly to ensure there are no burned pieces. Similarly, you must make it a point to clean the crumb tray after every use. Not to forget, you can even use a gentle dishwashing liquid to clean up the toaster and the crumb tray.

4. Internal Components

If your toaster has been in use for quite a long time and it starts giving a burning plastic smell out of nowhere, there are chances that some internal components are burning. While it’s a common occurrence in old toasters, it’s not the safest idea because it can result in a fire hazard. For this purpose, you must switch off the toaster and disassemble it to remove the coils (you need to remove dust from the coils). This is because the toasters generally sit on the countertop, which makes them prone to dust buildup.

For cleaning these coils, you can use the soft cloth and dip it in mild soap and warm water solutions to clean the coils. You can also use a water-damp cloth to clean the coils. Once the coils are cleaned, dry them up and assemble the toaster to see if the plastic burning smell occurs.

If the burning smell persists even after all these troubleshooting methods, you must call the toaster customer support to get better results!

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