Why Does Cranberry Juice Make Your Mouth Dry?

Why Does Cranberry Juice Make Your Mouth Dry
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Why Does Cranberry Juice Make Your Mouth Dry

Cranberries are a group of fruit that you get from evergreen dwarf shrubs. In some areas, they also grow on vines and are native to North America, and some other parts of the world.

They are mostly grown in the five states in the U.S including Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington, and Oregon. They’re also found in Canadian states including British Columbia and Quebec.

Yet, cranberries, and especially cranberry juices, are used all across the world for their taste and nutritional values. Cranberry juice is also commonly known to heal UTIs, but that is not entirely true for such cases where the infection is already developed.

However, it can help you keep your overall system and organs in your body healthy and avoid UTIs from developing. At times, people might feel like some cranberry juices are making their mouth dry.

So what exactly is the cause of cranberry juice making your mouth dry and how can you prevent it from occurring. If you drink this type of fruit juice regularly then you’ll find out all you need to know in this post.

Organic cranberry juice in bottles with berries
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Why Does Cranberry Juice Make Your Mouth Dry?

  • Brings out Dehydration

The first thing that you need to know about cranberry juice is that it has excess sugar in the fruit. All that sugar will need to be extracted, and it will bind with the water in your body.

If you’re already experiencing dehydration it may become worse after drinking the cranberry juice. So, if you are facing that issue for any reason, it would be better to increase your water intake and cure the dehydration that you’re dealing with first.

This way, you can ensure you’re able to enjoy the cranberry juice without experiencing dehydration or dry mouth syndrome.

  • Body Toxins

Another reason for your mouth feeling dry after drinking cranberry juice is excessive toxins in your body. Cranberry juice is known to be a great antioxidant that may fight off free radicals in the body.

Regular checkups and blood tests can help you fight off toxins in the body. If you are facing a problem with excessive toxins in your body, it would be better for you to have detox water or cranberry juice in moderate amounts.

You can also drink green tea to help flush your body of toxins. Then you can then enjoy your glass of cranberry juice without experiencing a dry mouth afterwards.

  • High In Acidity

One of the main causes of dry mouth after drinking cranberry juice is the fact that the drink is high in acidity. The drink is considered to be quite dry meaning that it lacks sweetness. So it’s loaded with sugar to make the juice less bitter.

Since cranberry juice is high in acidity it can prevent the secretion of saliva in the mouth giving you the feeling of having a dry mouth.

  • You Already Have Dry Mouth Syndrome

Some people already suffer from something called dry mouth syndrome. This is caused by the glands in the mouth not producing enough saliva. The cause could be triggered by medication or underlining health conditions such as diabetes.

  • Cranberry Juice Contains Tannins

Tannin blend in a glass of old wine
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Cranberry juice contains tannins which is a group of bitter and astringent compounds. They are found in most plants including tea leaves and coffee beans. Researchers have found that tannins bind to your saliva glands and slows down the production of saliva.

  • You May Be Allergic

Some people experience dry mouth or tingling after drinking a specific fruit juice or eating a certain type of fruit. Your dry mouth could be caused by a slight allergic reaction to your cranberry juice.

It may not be a severe reaction but it could be enough to give you a sore throat. It’s best to do an allergy test to find out whether or not you may be allergic to the beverage.

How to Prevent Cranberry Juice Drying Out Your Mouth

You may not experience the dry mouth while you’re drinking the beverage but you may feel the dryness after finishing your drink. So now that you know a bit about why cranberry juice may make your mouth dry, here are some ways you can prevent it from happening.

  • Mix Cranberry Juice with Water

Too much sugar might not be the best thing for some people, as it could be causing mouth dryness. So, if you are having a dry mouth after the cranberry juice, you can dilute it with some water to decrease the acidity level in the juice.

Refreshing drink with cranberries, ice and rosemary
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Just make sure that you add the correct ratios because too much water can make your cranberry juice unpleasant to drink. You can add sparkling water to your cranberry juice and fruit pieces to make it more tasteful.

  • Add Ice to Your Cranberry Juice

If you don’t want to add water to your cranberry juice, then consider adding a few blocks of ice to your drink. It will slowly water your juice down as you’re drinking it and the ice will keep your beverage cold.

  • Mix Your Cranberry Juice with Another Type of Juice

Consider mixing your cranberry juice with another type of juice that can add natural sweetness to your drink. Mix your beverage with apple, lychee, or even carrot juice. Combining two types of juices can make your beverage taste better.

  • Make Your Own Cranberry Juice

As mentioned before, the reason cranberry juice is making your mouth dry is because of all the added sugar in the beverage. Cranberry juice is naturally sour and bitter so manufacturers add excessive sugar to sweeten the drink.

If you don’t want the added sugars or toxins in your cranberry juice then consider making your own at home.

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Buy organic cranberries from your local store and then use a juicer or blender to extract the liquids from the fruit. You can then add your own amount of sugar to minimize bitterness.

Does it dehydrate?

The cranberry juice doesn’t generally dehydrate you. But if your body is dealing with some other condition, it can cause slight dehydration which then makes your mouth feel dry.

If you feel that you have an underlining health condition you must get it seen by your practitioner before the situation worsens. Your doctor will do a series of tests to see if you have any medical condition that’s causing your dry mouth.

Dry mouth syndrome isn’t always a serious condition but it’s always better to check rather with your doctor. If you are experiencing dehydration consider taking electrolytes. You can make your own electrolytes at home by mixing salt and sugar in a glass of water.

Final Thoughts

Cranberry juice is a refreshing drink, especially on a hot summer’s day. Some people use the juice to make cocktails and others make ice cubes out of the drink. But if you’re experiencing a dry mouth after drinking the juice it may leave you feeling frustrated.

To prevent experiencing dry mouth consider the tips mentioned in this article. Simply adding water to your cranberry juice can minimize the acidity in the beverage which can prevent the feeling of having a dry mouth.

You may also want to consider making your own cranberry juice at home to prevent consuming too much sugar from store-bought brands.

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