White Tuna vs Red Tuna: What’s The Difference?

white tuna vs red tuna
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white tuna vs red tuna

Whenever you hear the word ‘Tuna’ what exactly comes into your mind? Are you craving already? Oh well! Let’s add some spice in your information. Before proceeding towards you must have a little know-how about it. In this blog, we’re going to discuss the comparison between Red Tuna and White Tuna. Let’s make headway!

What is Tuna?

Tuna is one of the triumphant sort of fish across the world that consists of eight species that are more prone to be found in distinct colors and sizes. You can have it packed or fresh. The one in the can is being provided in the normally pre-cooked form. There are several types of tuna, nevertheless, two will be discussed namely; Red Tuna and White Tuna.

White Tuna vs Red Tuna: What’s The Difference?

Red Tuna

Red Tuna is more important to be discussed for further facts and figures. It’s a resemblance to a cube of watermelon is uncanny and a vibrant color says it all. Don’t ever get into a trap if you ever behold it in bright red or pink color as such are being sold containing carbon monoxide in it which means it is gassed and not fresh. Now you must be thinking of where exactly you can find the fresh one or how does it look, right? However, Maroon color or sometimes even chocolatey color is the indication of fresh Red Tuna.

White Tuna

You are expecting the introduction, right? Well, what if you just come to know that White Tuna doesn’t exist at all? Yes, you read it correctly. White Tuna is nothing and whenever you hear this word ever from any restaurant, you better know what exactly you are supposed to be doing. These are being sold in the market and the only function it does is indigestion of oil in human bodies. Also, the Government of Japan has marked it strictly prohibited, therefore, never try to purchase one. Furthermore, the in US several kinds of seafood especially sushi are being cooked in the name of white tuna. So, you probably must stay away!

White Tuna and Red Tuna

You are perfectly aware of both types, and now is the time to compare each of them. Let’s dive in if you’re so ready to read.


One basic difference is clear, Red Tuna is of maroon color and white tuna is found in white color. Whenever you step in any restaurant selling seafood you are more likely to order white tuna right? Meanwhile, tuna is not considered as a regular menu item and cannot be found easily everywhere.


I’ve always thought of the fact that the one present in a can is white tune because of the pasteurization and Red Tuna is found in a raw form but that’s the myth. So basically you get white tuna canned and the red one in raw. We would like to recommend Red Tuna as white.

Why Red Tuna turn white when cooked?

There’s one more fun fact about Red Tuna and that is if you order it in a restaurant, you’ll be having it more vibrant than usual why? Because when it is cooked completely it becomes grey or white specifically but naturally it occurs in red form.

Is white tuna known as ‘Escolar’?

White tuna is called escolar at some places which are accepted worldwide, nonetheless, escolar is no way near a Tuna as it is white. Therefore, you know now that refraining from white tuna is mandatory for some reason and that was discussed for your health up there. So, better opt for the red tuna because it exists and is subtle for a human body. Meanwhile, white contains some wax or indigestible oils that can straight harm the inner you.


Are you all set to choose what and what not? Yes, exactly you’re at the right place to do so. Red Tuna is what we recommend and avoid white tuna because is just being made to fool people around. Therefore, you might not be considering it solely by its appearance rather you can have Red that instantly changes its color right after being cooked.

white tuna vs red tuna
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