What To Eat With Olive Bread? (6 Ideas)

What To Eat With Olive Bread
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What To Eat With Olive Bread

Bread is one of the staple food items and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s the most basic food item. That’s because it’s a great source of carbs and makes sure that you feel full. For the longest time, we have been consuming plain wheat bread but new variations of bread have come out with fruits, seeds, and other grains. One of the most unique varieties of bread is olive bread and it’s actually quite new. So, with this article, we are sharing what you can eat with olive bread!

What To Eat With Olive Bread?

The Food Items That Complement Olive Bread

The olive bread originated from the Mediterranean region, and as the name suggests, it is accentuated with olives as well as olive oil. It has a slightly bitter yet strong aroma. It can be made at home and is extremely delicious but keep in mind that you won’t be able to consume it in industrial quantities. In addition, olive bread has a higher carbs content, which provides extra gain. The olive oil is served on the side of the main dish (nope, it is never the main dish). Having said that, we are sharing some foods that you can serve with olive bread!

  1. Soft Butter Pudding

If you have ever tried butter and toast, you would know how delicious it is. Having said that, you can try the olive bread with soft butter pudding – it’s actually one of the most delicious and simplest meals out there. In particular, we recommend trying olive bread with soft butter pudding when you have made the bread at home. This is a savory recipe and can turn the simple bread into the main course meal. On the other hand, if it seems too bland, we recommend that you add cheese and pickles. The best thing about using cheese and pickles is that it softens the bread.

  1. Scrambled Eggs

If you are a breakfast person, we are sure that you will love olive bread with scrambled eggs in the morning. For this reason, we recommend that you heat up the bread with some butter and make scrambled eggs on the side. To be honest, it’s pretty simple but there is another way of preparing it. For the other recipe, you have to dip the bread in scrambled eggs and fry the bread on each side. As a result, the sides will become crispy and the eggs will go deeper into the bread, resulting in a softer texture.

  1. Make French Toast

If you don’t mind taking a different approach, you can make French toast with olive bread. For this purpose, you’ve to dip the bread in egg and fry both sides for a few seconds on each side. Once the bread is fried on both sides, we recommend that you take them off the stove and put cheese on one bread slice and jam on the other – it will be a great option for breakfast and lunch.

  1. Panzanella

If you are a fan of Italian recipes, you can enjoy olive bread with Panzanella, which is an Italian salad. In fact, you can add the olive bread slices to the salad and mix it with other ingredients like tomatoes and onions. In addition, you can add some cucumbers and basil to add refreshing flavor. Not to forget, the salad can be accentuated with vinegar and olive oil.

  1. Pasta

We have already mentioned that the olive bread slices can be served with or in the salad. However, if you are a fan of Italian recipes, olive bread tastes extremely delicious with white pasta, especially mushroom-based pasta. The olive bread and white pasta make a wholesome meal.

  1. French Onion Soup

In addition to pasta, olive bread also tastes delicious with a French onion soup. You can dip the olive bread in the onion soup to soften them up, and since the bread will absorb the soup, the taste will become even better. All in all, you can dip the entire olive bread slice in the soup bowl or eat it on the side. Irrespective of how you eat it, it makes a fulfilling meal.

So, what’s your favorite way of enjoying olive bread?

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