What To Do With Ground Beef Grease?

what to do with ground beef grease
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what to do with ground beef grease

Ground beef is an integral part of the culinary world. The benefit is its versatile nature and flavorful taste. Ground beef can be used in various dishes as a main or side dish, depending on the recipe. This beef comes from the part of the cow that is not to be used somewhere else. It is essentially the skeletal muscle of the cow and not any other organs. When you cook ground beef, it leaves some grease in the pan. What to do with ground beef grease? If this question arose in your mind, read till the end.

In South Asian cuisine, ground beef is known as keema and is used to make kebabs famous worldwide. Ground beef goes well with almost everything, but my favorite ground beef items are the meatballs and ground beef in spaghetti. It is rich in fat, but since it is red meat, the nutrition profile is diverse.

Ground beef grease:

You can reduce fats in ground beef by removing the grease in it. The grease is high in fat content, and you can reduce that by draining the grease. Cook the ground beef till it’s brown, and then remove it through various methods. Some recipes state not to drain the fat, as you will lose the flavor too. However, high-fat content is not good for health.

What to do with ground beef grease?

There are several ways to utilize this grease. You can either throw it away or use it for cooking.

Dispose of:

If you wish to eat healthily, you will surely consider not using the grease in cooking. So, you can follow any of these tips to get rid of unnecessary fat.

  1. The easiest way to strain the ground beef is by gathering all the beef on one side of the pan and drain the grease in a free steel can or simply use a spoon to scoop it out.
  2. Another method is to put the ground beef on a plate with paper towels. Press onto the ground beef with paper towels and let them absorb the fat.
  3. Take a pot and colander, put all the ground beef in the colander. The grease will drain through the holes in the colander.

Do not drain the grease down the sink. It will clog the pipes as it rapidly cools down and sticks to the pipes. Instead, use an unused can or put it in some bowl. Let it cool down to solidify, and then throw it away.


You can decide to use the grease in any other dish too. It can be used as oil for sautéing or roasting. The grease solidifies on cooling and can be used accordingly.

Therefore, ground beef grease can be disposed of or reused. The choice is yours, depending on your personal preferences. The fat adds flavor to the dish but can prove fatal for your health in the long run, especially for patients with other cardiovascular risk factors. Enjoy the ground beef in different recipes and use the grease wisely. Bon Appetite!

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