What To Do With Ground Beef Grease?

what to do with ground beef grease
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What to Do With Ground Beef Grease

Ground beef or minced beef is an integral part of most home cooking. The benefits are that it’s economical, versatile, and flavorful. Ground beef can be used in various dishes as a main or side dish, depending on the recipe.

This beef comes from the part of the cow that cannot be used as a whole cut. It is the skeletal muscle of the cow and not organ meat. When you cook ground beef, unless you’ve asked your butcher for extra lean ground beef, it leaves some grease in the pan.

It seems such a pity to waste this. What to do with ground beef grease? Keep reading because we have some ideas.

Ground beef grease

If you are watching your diet, you can reduce the amount of fat in ground beef by removing it after cooking. Simply fry the ground beef till it’s brown, and then tilt the pan to one side to drain the beef fat. Some recipes state not to drain the fat, as you will lose the flavor too.

My mother and grandmother before her used to keep an old jam tin in the fridge specifically for putting this grease into. They would then use it for roasting the Sunday roast or frying onions for meat pies.

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What to do with ground beef grease?

You can either throw it away if you are watching your health or use it for cooking. However, there are several ways to utilize this grease.

Dispose of it

If you wish to eat healthily, you will probably not wish to use grease in your cooking. However, while we won’t go into all the nutritional science here, if you buy grass-fed beef it is healthier for you than corn-fed beef. This includes the fat.

If you wish to dispose of it though, you can follow any of these tips to get rid of the extra fat.

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  • The easiest way to strain the ground beef is by gathering all the beef on one side of the pan and draining the grease into an empty can. Simply use a spoon to scoop it out. Never pour it down your sink because it will solidify and block your drain. Throw the can away in the trash once the fat has set.
  • Another method is to put the cooked ground beef onto a plate lined with paper towels. Press down on the ground beef with a flat spoon and let the paper towels absorb the fat.
  • Take a pot and colander and put all the cooked ground beef into the colander. The grease will drain through the holes in the colander into the pot.

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Reuse it

You may decide to use this delicious grease in other dishes. It can be used instead of cooking oil for sautéing or roasting. The grease solidifies on cooling and can be stored in the fridge in a container. Store it in ice cube trays in the freezer if you prefer.

It will keep this way for many months.

roast potatoes
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  • It makes yummy roast potatoes
  • Use it to make Yorkshire pudding
  • It can be used to make shortcrust pastry for savory pies
  • Make your fried rice using this fat instead of other oil
  • Use it to roast vegetables
  • Fry sausages in it
  • Use it to feed the birds. Woodpeckers especially enjoy it.
  • Give your dog a treat by pouring a spoonful over his regular bowl of food. Remember to use it in moderation though.

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To Conclude

We hope you’ve enjoyed our beef fat recycling guide. As my grandmother used to say, “Waste not, want not.”

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