What Is Basting Oil And How Is It Used?

what is basting oil
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what is basting oil

When it comes down to cooking, there is a wide range of vegetables, such as sunflower oil, olive oil, and vegetable oil. However, there are some exclusive oils made with unique purposes. So, for everyone wondering, “what is basting oil?” it’s a type of basting oil. To provide additional information, we have added every essential information in this article!

Basting Oil – What Is It?

Basting oil in the form of olive oil that’s integrated with dried or fresh garlic. In addition, there are herbs and spices with marinade texture. Basting oil is suitable for multiple purposes. Usually, basting oil is used for marinating veggies and meat. Some people also use basting oil as the dipping sauce for bruschetta and bread.

As for the fast-food lovers, basting oils can be used to drizzle some on the pizza crust before adding additional toppings of the pizza, such as pepperoni, veggies, and chicken chunks. The basting oil is usually associated with Wegman Basting Oil since it’s the only company making the oil. On the other hand, you can make basting oil yourself by mixing the below-mentioned ingredients, such as;

  • Two cloves of garlic (we suggest using the minced garlic)
  • Salt and pepper according to your taste
  • One teaspoon of dried thyme
  • Two teaspoons of parsley (use dried parsley)

Once you have all these ingredients, make sure to mix them well and add them to one cup of olive oil. You must blend these ingredients thoroughly. Once you have made the oil, store them in a refrigerator and make sure that you shake it before use. As for garlic, you must use fresh garlic. This oil can be used to drizzle on veggies before grilling or roasting.

You can also use oil for marinating steaks, chicken, and seafood. To be honest, using basting oil coats on shrimps will bring out the scrumptious and crispy taste. If you are a pasta person, you can toss noodles and pasta with basting oil and enjoy the well-flavored food. You can use a mixture of lemon juice, vinegar, and basting oil for the salad dressing as for salads.

For the people who love to grill, applying a thin coat of basting oil will help keep the meat moist, hence the tender outcome. In addition, the basting oil coat on the top will reduce the chances of flare-ups. It is suggested to shake the bottle before use, so you get a consistent outcome.

Storage of Basting Oil

Basting oil is a combination of natural ingredients, such as thyme, garlic, and parsley, which means you need to refrigerate it. So for proper storage, you can keep the oil in the fridge, and it will stay edible for around one year. Also, high-quality oil can be used for around a year while the cheap oils will go rancid after a few months.

Personally, we suggest refrigerating the basting oil for around nine to ten months. This is because the benefit of the doubt might put your health at risk.

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