What are Krumkake and Pizzelle?

krumkake vs pizzelle
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krumkake vs pizzelle


Have you ever been confused between two waffle cookies? If yes, then we are sure that those two waffle cookies were Krumkake and Pizzelle. The reason for this is quite simple. Both of them are one of their kinds, and when we are going to choose between these two, we know that it will be a tough competition.

We understand that you are also facing issues to decide between these two waffle cookies. Because both of them are equally delicious, but if you want to choose one out of these two, then read this article till the end. We will provide you ultimate guidelines that will assist you in selecting the best out of these two.

What is Krumkake?

Krumkake is a sweet waffle cookie that mainly constitutes; flour, eggs, cream, and sugar. The name Krumkake itself means curved, so it is a curved waffle cookie. Though the origin of Krumkake is Norway, it is still preferred mainly in the same region of Norway. But, you will be shocked to know that this cookie is the descendent of Italian Pizzelle.

Originating from the Italian Pizzelle, the Krumkake is now giving a tough competition to its forefather. Krumkake is made with a fantastic design on both sides, and it is so delicious to eat that one can eat it without any stuffing. If you do not want to have it plain, then you are good to fill it up with sweet cream or even ice-cream.

The size of Krumkake mainly varies from 10 to 20cm when it is hot and plain, and then it is converted into a cone. The Krumkake waffle is made up of Sicilian iron.

What is Pizzelle 

It’ll not be wrong to say that Pizzelle is one of the most versatile kinds of waffle cookies. We are calling it versatile because this cookie can be as crispy and hard as an ordinary waffle cookie; on the other hand, the same Pizzelle can be soft and chewy so that you can break it with your lips only.

The ingredients for making Pizzelle include flour, butter, vegetable oil, and sugar. Due to their softness, the Pizzelle can be molded in any shape you want. Moreover, the name of this waffle cookie is taken from the famous Italian dish Pizza, but if you have tasted Pizzelle, you know that there is nothing in it that resembles a pizza except the name.

Along with it, the Pizzelle is considered to be the oldest waffle cookie that we have today, and most of the present-day waffle cookies are derived from it (Like the Krumkake). For making the Pizzelle, Pizzelle iron resembles the waffle iron but differs in quality. Pizzelle is one of the most preferred sweet dishes in Italy, but it is also worth motioning that along with Italy, the Pizzelle is in demand in most European and non- European states.

Krumkake vs Pizzelle

You must have heard the maxim that the child is the father of the man. But here, when we try to differentiate between the Pizzelle and the Krumkake, it becomes quite hard to choose between the descendent and the ascendant. Both of them contain almost similar qualities. But, if you are going to select one out of these two, we will suggest you go for the Pizzelle.

Not because the Pizzelle is an older version of waffles, but the Pizzelle is quite versatile and provides you with a delicate taste. You can have it as soft or crispy. It tastes so good that you can have it every single day. 

But, this does not mean that Krumkake is a lousy version of waffle cookies. Krumkake has its qualities, and it is also as delicious as the Pizzelle. If you are going to choose one out of them and need our suggestion, we will suggest you go for Pizzelle.


In the article, we have described everything you needed to know about the Krumkake vs Pizzelle. The article will assist you in choosing between these two fantastic waffle cookies. Moreover, it will enable you with complete knowledge about both of the Krumkake and Pizzelle. Let us know if you have any confusion.  

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