Compare Krumkake vs Pizzelle (Difference Between Krumkake and Pizzelle)

krumkake vs pizzelle
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krumkake vs pizzelle

We all know someone who is fond of cooking, but more than that, there are foodies everywhere. With this being said, some people into desserts while some are the main course people. Well, for the dessert people, we have designed this article. That’s to say because we are discussing two different types of waffles out there, contrasting Krumkake Vs. Pizzelle. If you have always wondered about the difference, we are here to tell you!

Krumkake vs Pizzelle


Pizzelle belong to the dessert courses and has an origin from Italy (Italy is now famous for these heavenly cookies after the fashion shows). These are the traditional waffle cookies made with the fine combination of eggs, butter, flour, vegetable oil, sugar, and seasonings. The Italian people usually use anisette or anise for flavorings (yes, not that common vanilla essence or lemon zest).

As for the texture, PIzzelle tends to be crispy and hard in the majority of cases. However, there are different preparation methods that can lead to chewy and soft textures. Italian people love to shape them into cannoli, but it can be shaped up in different varieties. They are originally from Ortona, the small region in Southern Italy.

Pizzelle has many cousins (Krumkake being the one which we are going to share about next). It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Pizzelle is the oldest cookie around and comes from the Roman culture. Usually, Pizzelle are named canceled and ferratelle in different parts of Italy. These waffle cookies are made by using the dough on the pizzella iron.

You will find an utter similarity in the outlook of pizzella irons with your waffle iron. As for the iron, you need to hold it over the stovetop. However, there are electric models (yikes!). The users can find a variety of brands making pizzella irons. These waffle cookies are famous around Easter and Christmas. Even more, it has become an ultimate part of Italian weddings.

Some people sandwich Pizzelles with the hazelnut spread or cannoli cream. In some cases, the warm pizzelle are used to make cannoli shells by rolling them in the wooden dowels.


If you have always been the cookie person, krumkake will become your favorite cookie in no time with the perfect Norwegian hunch to it. Krumkake is often confused as the crumble cake, but it’s not the right approach since there is a difference in taste. Krumkake is actually the waffle cookie made with the combination of flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and cream.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that krumkake is the descendent of pizzelle. Krumkake can be made in the irons, manual as well as the electronic options. The electronic krumkake irons are designed with automatic timers and allow the users to make multiple waffle cookies in one batch. The warm krumkake is rolled into smaller cones through the cone form (be it plastic or wooden).

Usually, krumkake is eaten plain, but some people devour it with fillings (cannoli) and whipped cream. These waffle cookies are highly popular in Norway, American Midwest, and New England. As per the traditions, krumkake is made for Christmas, along with rosettes and sandbakelse. Also, in Germany, krumkake is filled with stuffing. In some parts of the world, people use krumkake as the ice cream (the yummiest one out there, we must say!).

The Bottom Line

Be it pizzelle or krumkake, both of them are the waffle cookies. As far as the differences are concerned, their ingredients differ a bit. Firstly, krumkake is made with the addition of cream while pizzelles don’t use cream. Secondly, their point of origin is different. The bottom line is that both these waffle cookies are famous for the traditions that they hold!

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