5 Best Velveeta Substitutes (Alternatives To Velveeta)

velveeta substitutes
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velveeta substitutes

Velveeta is a processed cheese highly popular in America. In early 1900, Velveeta was advertised as a nutritious food that should be incorporated into one’s diet. Due to its popularity, the American Medical Association reviewed it and gave it approval. This made Velveeta the first cheese to get approval from AMA. However, in 2002, FDA issued Kraft foods a warning. So, they changed the label from pasteurized process cheese spread to pasteurized prepared cheese product. However, if you want to use something other than this, read our list of Velveeta substitutes. 

Kraft foods manufacture this cheese and Velveeta is a brand name for it. The taste is creamy and salty with a smooth texture. Velveeta is not only famous for its taste but also for its melting properties. Good melting cheese is a treat for a chef. The reason is to introduce whey in curd again. When you melt the cheese, it takes the form of a liquid without any lumps. Velveeta cheese products are expensive owing to different ingredients and packaging processes.  

The history of this cheese dates back to Emil Frey who was given the task of using unused cheese wheels. He found a way to melt them and add whey to make Velveeta cheese. The cheese goes well in a dip or sauce, sandwiches, and grilled items. 

Velveeta Substitutes

1) American cheese

American cheese is mild, creamy cheese. It is processed using mainly cheddar and Colby. This saltish cheese has a firm texture. However, it melts easily making it an ideal substitute to Velveeta. It is a pasteurized process cheese product, just like Velveeta. It contains cheese and other additives like milk, milk fats, and whey. 

The color of the cheese varies from white to orange. 

American cheese is a true melting beauty because it does not become fully liquidy. Rather, it melts beautifully on top of burgers, sandwiches, and even pizzas. Thus, if you want Velveeta like melting cheese, go for its cousin- the American cheese! 

Add sodium citrate

What makes Velveeta an extremely amazing melting cheese is sodium citrate. So, what if you add any cheese of your choice? That is a fair idea. On adding sodium citrate to Velveeta, it obtains a velvety and smooth texture. 

Hence, buy some sodium citrate and add it to your favorite cheese. Follow the following process to get this thing done: 

  • Heat some liquid like water or milk.
  • Add sodium citrate and mix till it dissolves.
  • Blend cheese with this mixture. Use an immersion blender or simply whisk.
  • Make sure to use the cheese instantly and do not let it settle down. It might take shape of solid cheese.
  • If you want it thick or thin depends on how much liquid you add at the start. So, use less liquid if you want the resultant cheese to be thick. A little liquid will adequately dissolve sodium citrate. 

Other processed cheese

If your goal is to get smooth melted cheese, then you could add other processed cheese as well. The one you choose depends on your flavor preference. However, you can choose cheddar, swiss cheese, or pepper jack. 

These and other cheeses are available in a can or jar. Thus, you have the liberty to buy any cheese you love. 

Unprocessed Cheese

If the reason why you are looking for Velveeta substitutes is to avoid processed cheese, then do not worry. You can opt for healthier options that do not contain additives and preservatives. 

Young cheese works well when used for melting purposes. Find out the cheese of your choice and try to fetch some young one.

2) Gouda

The Netherlands produces this cheese through fat cow’s milk. A young Gouda can do the job. A young Gouda has a mild taste and soft texture, unlike an aged one. When you add a little cream to mature cheese, it would gain a smoother texture after melting. Gouda changes into a strong taste and firm texture significantly on aging.  

Gouda is a versatile cheese that would fulfill various culinary needs. Another great thing about Gouda is its melting characteristics making it a good Velveeta substitute. Therefore, it will go best on macaroni and pizzas. 

3) Gruyere

My mind instantly shifted to a French onion soup. Gruyere cheese is Swiss-type that ages for six months or more. A young Gruyere will melt in a better way than an aged one. 

The cheese turns gooey on cooking. Thus, this makes it an ideal Velveeta substitute. You will get a good creamy kick while eating sandwiches and bistros. Gruyere’s melting features are present because of its making process. The milk is curdled, and excess water is forced out of the cheese. A cheese that curdles with enzymes and has higher water content melt better than the rest. 

4) Mozzarella

This salty and tangy taste is a versatile cheese. You can add it to almost any dish. If you want to substitute Velveeta for melting purposes, make sure to not use fresh mozzarella. 

Mozzarella gives a creamy taste on melting and sits beautifully on your chosen dish.

In case you are looking for a low-calorie cheese, use mozzarella without thinking again. 

5) Fontina

If you can’t find anything else, fetch some Italian Fontina. The mild and nutty flavored cheese has a semi-hard texture. However, it melts quickly without testing your patience. So, you can use Fontina in place of Velveeta. Besides this, it is a versatile element loved worldwide for its taste and multipurpose quality.

Velveeta is a popular cheese in the US. However, it is not actually a cheese but rather a processed cheese product. The taste and melting properties make it a top choice in a chef’s mind. If the cheese is unavailable, you have numerous other options available.

American cheese or other processed cheeses can replace Velveeta. Sodium citrate is a secret ingredient to the magical melting feature of Velveeta. Add it to any cheese of your choice and enjoy it. On the other hand, healthy options include gruyere, gouda, mozzarella, and fontina. In short, any good melting cheese would suffice. 

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