5 Common Thor Oven Problems (Troubleshooting)

thor oven problems
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thor oven problems

Thor might not be a famous brand but they have some amazing sets of ovens and oven ranges. There are various Thor oven problems that disrupt the cooking experience. For helping you enjoy a seamless cooking experience, we have identified the common problems and have suggested the easiest solutions. So, are you ready to dive into the details?

Thor Oven Problems

1) Hotplate Burners Are Faulty

To begin with, the burners are added to hotplate ovens as well as cooking ranges, so this part is for all the burners. When the burners aren’t working properly, your first instinct is to check the power and see if it’s switched on. So, look at the power socket where your oven is connected and ensure that the power button is switched on.

If the button is switched on, you have to check the power supply and make sure the power cables are in intact form. The simple solution is to inspect the exterior of the cable to look for the cuts and damages. If you do see some cuts and damages, you must replace the cable. In addition to replacing the cable, ensure that the cable is properly connected.

You must keep in mind that burner issues can occur due to various other reasons as well (except power connection and cables). For this purpose, you’ve to check the burner caps and trims to ensure they are properly placed. If there is any dislocation, it will result in functionality issues, so ensure proper placement of the burner cape and trim.

2) The Burners Aren’t Lighting Up

When the burners don’t light up properly, it is generally caused by the clogged-up burners. The first thing that you need to do is take off the burners and clean them properly. There must be no food residues, oils, or debris in there. If the burners are dirty, you can use the dry cloth to clean up everything (please don’t use water because it can result in corrosion).

If the burners are already clean and clear, there are chances of issues in the gas supply. You can connect the gas valve or pipe with a different gas-operating appliance. That being said, if there are issues with the gas supply, you’ve to change the valves. Keep in mind that the Thor oven needs a sufficient gas supply to work properly, so ensure that you are getting ample gas from the gas connection.

Thirdly, you have to check the control knob because they are responsible for sparking the burners, after all. If the control knob is damaged, you have to get it changed. As a result, the knob will spark the burner and the burner will light up.

3) Extremely Yellow & Large Flames

For the most part, the extra large and yellow flames are caused by incorrect placement of the burner head and caps. For this purpose, you have to touch the burner and see if the head and/or cap wobbles. If there any sort of wobbling, you have to install them correctly and make sure that they don’t wobble. Secondly, the burner must be properly cleaned up.

The flame issue can be caused by blocked burner ports as well. In that case, you have to remove the burner and look for clogging/blockage in the ports. If you see some blockage or clogging, why don’t you use the fuse wire to clean up the ports? As a result, the flames will be fine!

4) Improper Food Cooking

When it comes down to cooking issues, people complain about too slow, too quick, and burning food. Generally, this happens when you use the incorrect shelf positions or temperature. Every food recipe has different temperature and shelf positioning requirements. So, make sure that the oven’s temperature is set to accurate settings. Also, you must configure the shelf according to the heat that your recipe demand.

5) Oven Is Not Switching On

When the Thor oven doesn’t switch on, you must check if there are power connection issues. This is because both gas and electric ovens need a power supply. First of all, check the circuit breaker and ensure that it’s not tripped. Secondly, the oven must be connected to the power switch properly. If you are unable to fix any issue with your Thor oven, just call Thor customer support!  

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