Hot Plate vs Stove- Which One To Use?

hot plate vs stove
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hot plate vs stove

A hot plate is generally used for the preparation of a meal in those locations where it is not convenient to use the kitchen stove. You can use the hot plate as a standalone appliance, but it is also recommendable as an alternative option for burners and stoves.

On the other hand, sometimes it is not feasible to use stoves. What to do in such a situation? You will have to choose an alternative for a stove that can help you in that scenario. A Hot plate is the best substitute that can match your need in the above situation to replace the stove.

Hot plate

Many people use hot plates for the preparation of the meal. Electrical energy converts into heat energy to cook the food. The surface of hot plates is mostly round or flat. The larger unit of hot plate is primarily designed for home use, while the smaller units of this kitchen tool are mainly designed for traveling purposes.

A hot plate is a valuable appliance that has a wide range of uses. You can use a hot plate as per your choice. You can utilize it at any time and anywhere you want it. A hot plate can help you to cook food of any kind even on quick notice.


Gas and electric stoves have their distinct advantages. Electric stoves generally cost less in comparison to gas stoves. Gas stoves are convenient to use if there is a power breakdown at your home. This characteristic of gas stoves makes it a preferable choice over electric hot plates.

The requirement of electricity for an electric stove is similar to a hot plate of comparable size. Choosing the right one among these for your home comes down to your kitchen priority. Unlike hot plates, stoves are not a portable device for cooking food outside your home. If you face a situation where the use of kitchen stoves is not suitable and practical, the best option you are left with is to use a hot plate for cooking food.

Hot Plate vs Stove:

Some of the differences between hot plate and stove are the following.

Quality of food

There is not much difference between hot plate and stove, both are used for cooking food. However, by comparing the food made by both, you can notice that stove cooks food in a better way. This is due to the reason that stove can cook the food more evenly.


The requirement of electricity for a typical hot plate is around 1200 watts of power. You can also calculate the monthly requirement of electricity for a hot plate. If you are interested in using a hot plate for almost one hour on daily basis, roughly it will consume around 36-kilowatt hours in one month.

If you want to compare the electricity usage of hot plate and stove burner, then you will notice that they usually draw similar electricity as that of stove burner of equal size.


A Hot plate is comparatively less efficient than a stove. Hot plates require a lot of time to boil water, while the stove takes comparatively less. So, if you are in hurry then the stove will be a better choice to cook food.

Cooling time

A hot plate takes a lot more time to cool down in comparison to a stove. So, you need to know about this feature of the hot plate before choosing a hot plate over the stove.


Hot plates have their unique identity as they are portable appliances and you can keep them wherever you want to go. On the other hand, stoves are not portable. Hence, it is better to use stoves for indoor cooking.


Sometimes people wonder whether the hot plate usage is right for them or not. The answer is yes, as it does not only assist you at home, rather you can keep it with you where the kitchen facility is not available. If you have ever come across these cooking tools, then deciding which one to choose becomes easier. Hot plates are your companion when you are camping or traveling. Therefore, hot plates are the most appropriate option in place of a stove to use in such circumstances. Whatever the case, hot plates can assist you when a full-blown kitchen is not accessible.

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