Substitution For Celery Root (8 Best Substitutes)

substitution for celery root
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substitution for celery root

So, you are making a recipe that’s calling for the celery root, but it’s not available for you right now. You even checked at the supermarket, but the celery root is nowhere to be found. With this being said, you can opt for other vegetables in case you don’t have the celery root. In this article, we are sharing substitution for celery root, and all of them will be readily available!

Substitution For Celery Root

1) Carrot

Sure, we all remember the bunny chipping on carrots and these carrots are equally good substitutes for celery roots. Carrots make a great substitution for people who are making stews or soups. This is a fine choice because celery roots have a sweet taste, which is the same case with carrots. In case you are making a salad, carrots will make a great substitute if you are looking for the crunchiness.

With this being said, carrots are equally good at health standards and are pretty cheap. There is a high nutritional count, such as minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. The taste and crunchiness might be the same, but the texture will be different.

2) Parsnip

Parsnip is a great choice for people who are looking for celery taste. However, the herbal aroma might be a bit too strong. As far as the texture is concerned, parsnip has a smooth and light texture and makes a great substitution for salads, stews, and soups. If you want to substitute parsnip for celery roots, make sure to use the same amount, but you need to peel them.

Parsnip has a nutritional count of vitamin E and vitamin C, and it promises a stronger immune system. As far as the taste is concerned, parsnip has a sweeter taste as compared to celery roots. So, reduce the amount of sugar in the dish to save your teeth!

3) Jicama

For everyone making salads, nothing can beat the Jicama if you don’t have celery roots. The sweetness is pretty mild, while the texture will be amazingly crunchy. However, you need to remove the skin and dice it thin to use in place of celery roots. This diced form of Jicama can be used in combination with avocado, tomatoes, corn, and lemon juice to make a perfect salad.

4) Daikon Radish

This is the white tuber with dense flesh. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Daikon Radish looks like the white carrot and the green tops are used. The daikon radish is used for its crunchy texture and a mild taste. This can be used in place of celery roots if you are making roasted meat or even if you want to eat it war. Usually, people use them as substitutes for fried dishes and salads.

5) Fennel Bulb

Yes, you are only supposed to use the white part and make sure to dump the green leaves. The fennel bulb has a crunchy texture and sweet flavor. The best thing about the fennel bulb as a substitute is the celery aroma and makes a perfect substitute while making the fish dishes. There are multiple nutrients, such as vitamin C and the low-calorie count is perfect for enhancing the metabolism and immune system.

6) Parsley Root

Parsnip and parsley roots are pretty similar, given the rough and crispy texture. On top, there is a beige color, and the flavor will be top-notch. The parsley root has a tender and crunchy texture but will turn into creamy and silky consistency while cooking. Parsley root has a very strong flavor, and there are no compromises on nutrition. The parsley root can be used in raw form, along with baked, steamed, and boiled dishes.

7) Chopped Celery

Well, this is the most seamless choice out there and makes a great substitute for celery roots. The chopped celery will offer the juiciness and thickness. On top of everything, it gives out a crunchy appearance with a juicy and salty flavor.

8) Turnip

Turnips are one of the most commonly available edible roots out there. Turnips have white flesh and make a great substitute for celery root with their crunchy appearance and firm texture. The turnips have pepper and sweet taste. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that turnip makes a great substitute for celery roots for their taste and texture.

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