6 Best Substitutes For Brussel Sprouts

substitutes for brussel sprouts
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substitutes for brussel sprouts

If you are a vegan or a vegetable lover, this piece of writing will be a pool of knowledge for you. Brussel sprouts are part of cruciferous vegetables like cabbage. It is also Belgium’s official vegetable owing to its name. The taste of this vegetable is strong, spicy, and a little on the bitter side when cooked for a long time. If you are craving these vegetables but its unavailable, then go for any substitute for Brussel sprouts listed below.

They have a versatile usage as you can cook, pickle, fry, or roast them. Boiling them is not a great option since you will get an unwanted aroma.

You should not eat them raw as it aggravates the gas and bloating situation. Rather, mix it in oil and roast it to ease its digestive process. Most commonly Brussel sprouts are roasted with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Some people suggest shredding them in a salad. However, we would suggest not to eat it raw, if you suffer from bloating and gas.

They have multiple health benefits including being on low calories. The sprouts contain other Vitamins like A, C, and K. It also contains iron and folate essential for our diet.

Substitutes For Brussel Sprouts

1) Broccoli

A vegetable found in every kitchen, Broccoli has a grassy and earthy flavor with a bitter sidekick. It is a versatile substitute for Brussel sprouts. You can boil, roast, steam, or even eat it raw. It has tons of health benefits including being extremely low on calories.

2) Napa Cabbage

It is a Chinese cabbage that comes in an oblong shape. Since it is widely grown in China, it is an important ingredient of Asian cuisine. The taste is mild and sweet after cooking. The water content in the vegetable makes it juicy and soft. It is easier to find at any grocery store because of affordability, preparation process, and health benefits. It contains minerals including iron and calcium.

You could add it in noodles, rolls, salads, and stir-fry them to use in other dishes. Thus, its versatility and taste make it a good substitute for Brussel sprouts. 

3) Beetroot

For me, beets are one of the most unique vegetables in the world. From taste to its versatility, beetroot is a top item. The whole plant is edible including the leaves. The taste is a combination of sweet and earthy.

You can use them raw in salads, boil, roast, bake, or steam them. In order to substitute for Brussel sprouts, it is best to roast them. You don’t have to remove the skin before roasting. The process will yield a sweet-tasting beet. You can serve roasted beets with meat, in pasta, and utilize it within a salad.

4) Asparagus

Asparagus is a lively green colored vegetable with pointed spears. Like other vegetables on our list, you can roast, steam, or grill asparagus as per your choice. The taste of asparagus depends on the variety. However, a general flavor is earthy, grassy, and similar to green beans. So, use slices of asparagus as a replacement.

5) Leeks

Leeks belong to the onion family and look like green onions. They are pretty easy to prepare and offer a mild flavor. A younger leek with a little long bulb, that is not round, is sweeter. You can add them in casseroles, soups, salads, or fry or roast them. Leeks are an expensive choice, but their versatility makes them a good option. Make sure to not cook leeks for a long time. A buttered leek or a combination with meat or cabbage makes them a good replacement for Brussel sprouts. When it comes to nutritional benefits, leeks outperform Brussel sprouts.

6) Celeriac

This brown-colored vegetable is part of the carrots and parsnips family. You can use them by boiling, roasting, steaming, or raw. It has a bulb-like stem with a white interior. Celeriac is expensive because it is not readily available in the grocery store. The taste is nutty and like parsley. The texture is firm, and the flavor is more prominent in cooking. Thus, you could alternate Brussel sprouts with celeriac.

Thus, we can say that there are multiple decent substitutes for Brussel sprouts. You can add any easily available or the one you like to eat.

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