4 Best Soy Yogurt Substitutes

soy yogurt substitutes
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soy yogurt substitutes

It is a thick creamy yogurt that has a delicious taste. Soy yogurt is unsweetened and gluten-free. It uses soy milk and active bacteria cultures. Manufacturers of soy yogurt add live bacteria cultures to a soy base which is made by the removal of fiber from soybeans.

Soy yogurt is usually part of the preparation of savory dishes such as chili or pasta sauce. The flavor of soy yogurt is similar to that of plain dairy-based yogurt. It has a medium level of thickness which is pourable to some extent.

Soy yogurt has become more popular in recent times due to the advantages of the lower level of cholesterol and its lactose-free state. Soy yogurt contains saturated fats that are good for the health of bones and immunity. The presence of live bacteria in soy yogurt can foster a healthy colon and assists in lowering the risk of colon cancer.

Bacterial enzymes present in soy yogurt assist in the partial digestion of the proteins and make them easier to absorb. The main nutrients present in yogurt are fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber.

Soy yogurt is beneficial for health as it helps to lower the level of blood sugar. Unsweetened type of soy yogurt has no sugar in it.

Vegan recipes usually call for soy yogurt as an essential ingredient. Soy yogurt is sometimes hard to find in supermarkets and you can face its shortage. What to do when your recipe is calling for soy yogurt but you don’t have it on hand. Here is the replacement of it which you can use in your cooking.

Soy Yogurt Substitutes

1) Homemade Soy Yogurt

You can try to make your home-based soy yogurt. For this, you will have to pour soy milk into the instant pot. Now add the starter or probiotic for the first batch. Once you have added the starter, don’t stir your yogurt. Then press “yogurt” on the Instant Pot. It will take around 15 hours to form soy yogurt. The mixture will look like yogurt even after 8 to 12 hours, but 15 hours will allow good growth of beneficial bacteria in your yogurt.

For a good result, you should choose soy milk that uses soybeans and water in making. Enjoy your thick, creamy, vegan soy yogurt. When your yogurt is ready, allow it to cool. If any liquid forms at the top, use a large flat spoon to remove it. Homemade soy yogurt is the best choice as it is free from sugar and you can also easily control the type of sugar in homemade soy yogurt.

2) Milk Yogurt

It contains specific bacteria that give it a unique flavor and texture. It can be sometimes used in cooking to replace soy yogurt. Both soy and milk yogurt give a creamy texture and tangy flavor to your recipes. Significant amounts of calcium and proteins can be obtained from either type of it.

3) Cashew Yogurt

Just like soy yogurt, cashew yogurt can be used in savory dishes like pasta sauces or as a salad dressing. It is naturally creamy so you can use it in recipes to give them a creamy texture. However, being a niche product cashew yogurt may cost a bit more.

4) Regular Yogurt

Both Regular yogurt and soy yogurt contain the equivalent amount of protein in their nutrients. Regular yogurt is forfeited with live cultures just like soy yogurt, So, in case of emergency if you require yogurt that contains bacteria and similar protein content, then regular yogurt will be a good choice.

One thing for which you should be careful while choosing a substitute for soy yogurt is to know whether you are looking for a dairy or non-dairy yogurt substitute. Vegan recipes only require non-dairy yogurt products. You can also choose other non-dairy-based alternatives such as almond or coconut yogurt for vegan dishes.

You can use the above substitutes in place of soy yogurt for your recipes. The choice must be matched with the type of recipes you are following. Usually, it is hard to find the best soy yogurt substitute but you can try the above options in cooking. Homemade soy yogurt will take enough time to get ready.

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