All About Sous Vide Chicken Liver

sous vide chicken liver
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sous vide chicken liver

When it comes to the chicken liver, it is high in nutrients and helps with blood development. Cooking the chicken liver might seem like an easy task, but usually, the inside part only gets medium-cooked in skillets and pans. With this being said, sous vide chicken liver is a fine choice, and we have added all about it in this article!

Sous Vide Chicken Liver

Sous Viding The Chicken Liver

So, if you want to make the chicken liver with the sous vide technique, we have got the instructions for you. First of all, you need to add pink curing salt, thyme, and kosher salt to chicken livers and pack them in the plastic food storage packets. This packet will be cooked at 68 to 70-degrees Celcius for around forty minutes. You need to ensure that the chicken liver has become pink and firm.

In another skillet, saute the garlic in olive oil and butter and keep sauteeing until the garlic turns golden. Now, add the cognac and cook it to make a syrup. This syrup needs to be cooled down at room temperature. After forty minutes, takes out the chicken livers and blend them with the syrup (you need to remove the sprigs and juices before blending).

On the top, add the cold butter and blend them to make a smooth consistency. Once done, you can add the salt and black pepper as seasonings. In addition, you can add this mixture into the mold and cover everything with the plastic wrap. Just refrigerate it for around two to three hours, and once cold, serve it with croissants or croustades.

Sous Vide Cooking – What Is It?

Sous vide is translated into the vacuum and is actually a heating device. This heating device is designed with precise temperature controls and water heating capabilities. With this technique, the chicken liver is added to the plastic bags (food bags with seals) and cooked in the water bath. The temperature is always precise and regulated to ensure an even cooking outcome.

Usually, sous vide cooking is done in low-temperature settings and is cooked for a long time. With this method, the heat distribution is optimal and even cooking outcome. All in all, there are no high-temperature ranges in order to save chicken livers from hot and cold spots. With this being said, the outer part of the liver will be crispy while the interior will have a perfectly tender texture and juiciness.

When it comes down to cooking the chicken liver with the sous vide method, it promises the evenly cooked chicken liver as compared to the pan. This is because, with pans, livers are only cooked from the exterior, and the middle part is left uncooked or medium. Sous viding the chicken liver promises the tender and juicy cooking outcome without compromising the real aroma, taste, and nutrients.

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