5 Reasons Your Shortbread Is Dough Too Dry (Solutions)

shortbread dough too dry
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shortbread dough too dry

Sweet snacks are your best friends when you are down or happy, both. Shortbread cookies are the best sweet snacks that are made and baked easily. They don’t require much of your efforts. However, if you haven’t used the ingredients well to make the dough of the shortbread cookies, they might turn hard and tough to munch on. Now you see that why making perfect dough is necessary for making the perfect batch of delicious shortbread cookies. If you leave the shortbread dough too dry, you will end up making dry and bland cookies as well.

Shortbread cookies are originated in Scotland. They are made from the combination of one part sugar, three to four parts flour, and lastly two parts butter. Corn flour is the usual and commonly used flour for making shortbread dough. However, there are times when your dough turns too hard and dry.  There are several reasons for it, and luckily some fixes as well. Read on to know why your shortbread dough turns too dry and what you can do to fix it.

Shortbread Is Dough Too Dry

Tough and dry dough will never let you enjoy a good batch of shortbread cookies. It is good to figure out the reasons for the issue as it will help you determine the solutions.

  1. Insufficient fat or butter

If you haven’t added enough fat to the dough, your shortbread cookie dough will never be soft and easily manageable.

  1. Addition of too many dry ingredients

Another reason for the shortbread dough to become tough and hard is that you have added too much floury and dry ingredients. Most probably more than the recipe called for. Even a small extra cup of excess flour can make your dough dry and crumby.

  1. Over-mixing

You have over-mixed the flour, butter, and the other ingredients that now the existing fat just disappeared within the mixture.

  1. Too little water

If you haven’t added enough quantity of water to make your dough, it will never turn into a good soft mixture.

  1. Refrigerated the dough before baking

This is another reason for your dough to dry out and become extra tough. The fridge steals away the required moisture and fat.

What To Do When Shortbread Dough Is Too Dry?

Now that you know of all the possible culprits that make your shortbread dough dry and extra tough.

Here are few things to do to fix too dry shortbread dough:

  • Make sure to always soften the butter to room temperature.
  • Measure the dry ingredients such as flour or cornflour with wax paper so you don’t add extra flour that makes your dough dry. You may always add a tbs. of water to make the dough moisturized.
  • Add flour into the butter mixture before water.
  • Stir the batter thoroughly so there is no room left for loose and unabsorbed flour.

Too dry and crumby flour will never give you tender and perfect crunch shortbread cookies. We hope that this article will help you overcome too dry shortbread dough.

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