Can I Put Liquid In My Food Processor? (Answered)

can i put liquid in my food processor
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can i put liquid in my food processor

A food processor is essentially a must-have appliance for every kitchen. It not only helps you complete complex tasks like mixing, grinding, and blending easily but also do all of them in the right manner. Unless your recipe specifically requires you to have hand beaten or hand grind ingredients, a food processor would save the day for you. A food processor is basically an electric-motor driven appliance with a different type of containers and blades on it that might be used for a wide range of ingredients and applications.

Can I Put Liquid In My Food Processor?

To know if you can put liquid in your food processor, you need to know about each type of container and how you can use them with liquid.


A chopper on the food processor is used to chop your ingredients to the right cube sizes. You might want to chop some onions, ginger, or anything of that sort. So, it does not need any liquid in it and you must not put any liquid inside the container to keep it on the safe side. If you put any liquid inside, you might not get the right chopping but instead, it will make a sauce like stuff out of it that is not what you want or are looking for.


A blender on a food processor is mainly used to blend some spices. You might want to blend some herbs, chilies, or something of that sort to blend it to powder. You can also mix two different sorts of powders in there to mix them up perfectly. Unless you need to turn them in a sauce, it is highly recommended that you don’t use any sort of liquid in them. Although, if making a sauce is what you would like to do, you can add small amounts of the intended liquid and wash the blender off once you are done properly.


A juicer is one of the main components of the food processing unit and the name tells the tale. The wide jug on the top is what you put your fruits and veggies in and it will squeeze the juice out of them. Now, if you want to have the pure raw juice out of something, you would not want to put any liquid inside. But it would be good for you if you put some water inside as it will bring out the juice quicker and will wipe off any residue that is left inside the juicer as well.


A mixer is usually a large jug shaped container that is used to mix different liquids. It is mainly used for smoothies, shakes, and stuff like that. Now, you might want to add a bit of liquid like milk or water in the jug according to the recipe. Just be mindful that there is a safety line on the jug that you need to follow strictly while adding a liquid to your jug. This will ensure that you will not end up splashing the contents of the jug all around you while mixing it up.

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