What Should Be Roux To Stock Ratio? (Answered)

roux to stock ratio
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roux to stock ratio

In case you’ve been cooking for a long time, you would know that roux is an essential ingredient for making sauces and gravies. Roux is defined as the mixture of oil and flour which is used as the thickening agent for soup, stews, gravy, and sauces. Usually, people use butter in place of oils. With this being said, some people are wondering about the roux to stock ratio in case they have to use an alternative. So, let’s have a look!

What Should Be Roux To Stock Ratio?

The Right Ratio

To begin with, the ratio of roux to stock will differ with the type of roux you are trying to replace. For instance, if you are using the pale roux, the stock-roux ratio should be 10:1. On the contrary, if you are using the flour-fat form, the ratio will be 3:2. When it comes down to the ratio, keep in mind that these ratios are calculated by weight rather than volume.

On the other hand, keep in mind that this ratio will differ with the sauce that you need it for. In case you are making the sauce Espagnole, there is no fixed ratio because the ratio depends on how much the sauce has been cooked. For instance, it’s best that you add half the amount of stock that the recipe asks for and keep cooking the sauce to ensure starch fully gelatinizes.

In case you are using the brown roux, you will need to choose the brown stock as well. For instance, if you have 1lb of brown roux, you need to add at least 6-quarts of the brown stock. You will need to simmer them for around two hours and keep adding the brown stock quarts whenever evaporation starts.

On top of everything, if you need an alternative to the roux, you can mix either flour or butter in milk to make the paste and use it as the thickening agent. When you make this paste, it’s better to go with the instinct and add only the required amount to the sauce, soup, or gravy. This DIY solution will work great for gravy, cheese sauce, and bechamel.

While using the roux with stock, keep in mind that a longer cooking time will reduce the thickening power of the stock. Now, we will move on to the roux and stock ratio according to the amount of liquid/sauce. To begin with, if the sauce is light, go for three-oz of roux to stock ratio. In case the sauce is medium, go with four-oz each (for roux and stock). Lastly, if the sauce is heavy, six-oz is suitable for the roux to stock ratio.

Things To Keep In Mind

While you are developing the roux to stock ratio, it is suitable that you make the smaller quantities, and you should continuously whisk the liquid. In addition, it’s better to use the narrow and high pans because they are better for whisking. On top of everything, while mixing the roux and stock, make sure that you are accurate with the measurements (go with weight).

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