10 Steps To Reheat Tamales In An Instant Pot

reheating tamales in instant pot
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reheating tamales in instant pot

Imagine you are coming home after a long day in the office, and your friends decide to come over for a get-together. Right now, all you want in the world is something easy to make. What can be better than a frozen Mexican Tamale? All you need to do is, reheating Tamales in the Instant Pot and enjoy the taste as if it is a freshly made dish.

Tamale is a Mexican dish consisting of streamed masa or dough with meat steamed in a wrapped corn husk. Tamale is considered a symbol of Mexican street food that is comforting, delicious, and mouthwatering. The dish shows the rich cultural and traditional cooking of the Mexican dishes.

Instant pot, the manufacturer of multicookers, helps you use pressure cook, slow cook, rice cook, and many other options. Tamales can be reheated in Instant Pot. It is an effective and time-saving process for you after a long day in the office. So, you can reheat tamales through a steamer, oven, or in a microwave. However, the most effective way is through Instant Pot.

Reheating Tamale in an Instant Pot

Get the instant pot ready:

Firstly, to reheat in Instant Pot, ensure a stable power connection for the Instant Pot. After that:

  1. Open the lid by rotating it around 30 degrees counterclockwise.
  2. Before proceeding, ensure that the lid assembly is perfectly aligned, and there is no obstruction for the float valve.
  3. Ensure that the sealed ring is perfectly wrapped.
  4. Take out the inner container and put the tamales inside the container. The tamales must be damped a little beat for it to be reheated.
  5. Make sure that the container is not filled more than two-thirds of its size.
  6. The Tamales must be separated so that they are reheated perfectly.
  7. After placing the tamales inside the inner container, put it in the cooking base.
  8. Slightly rotate so that there is perfect contact between the inner pot and the heating element.

Process the Tamales:

After that, close the lid entirely by rotating it 30 degrees clockwise. Then place the pressure handle valve for sealing. You will reheat the dish by using the pressure cook mode. You can clearly see the pressure cook function key on the control panel.  Make sure that your instant pot is very hot for the tamales. Note the time and heat the tamales for 10 minutes. After that, be careful because the inner container of the Instant pot will be hot. Then, open the lid and take the tamales out from the inner container and enjoy the meal. Do not forget about the Instant Pot yet. Make sure you switch off the power connection and clean the pots of the unit. After that, the meal is ready for you.

At last, I insist that you must have Mexican Tamales in your freezer all the time. Not only it’s very delicious, it is super easy. You can reheat Tamales in the instant pot without putting too much effort. The best thing is that you can have any of your favorite fillings in the Tamale like meat, beef, eggs, or even vegetables. So, you can enjoy this dish no matter what your taste buds are.

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