4 Substitutes For Provolone That You Can Use

provolone substitute
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provolone substitute

Cheese is an essential item used for culinary purposes. You find cheese topped dishes almost everywhere. Almost everyone around us loves cheese, unless, of course, they are lactose intolerant. It comes in various types and shapes; the variations are countless. Provolone is a type of cheese that originated in Italy. It is a delicate type made from pure milk from a cow. The texture of the cheese is semi-hard. The flavor is creamy and mildly smoky. It melts in the mouth quickly and gives a soft and beautiful texture. You might be looking for suitable provolone substitutes that can be used in your favorite food.

Provolone is a versatile cheese that mainly goes well with sandwiches and can be eaten after dinner. Provolone has two types naming piccante and dolce. It is used in salads, pizza, burgers, and even desserts. Provolone has a smooth texture, which allows it to melt and be used in food easily. It is a pasta filata cheese and has health benefits. It is rich in proteins, Vitamin A, and calcium. However, cheese has an unhealthy side too. It has a high concentration of cholesterol and fat that could increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. That is why the intake should be in moderation. Those with diagnosed hypertension or cardiovascular disease should avoid any sort of cheese.

Provolone Substitute:

The smooth and versatile texture of Provolone is a work of art. Italians have raised the bar by producing this cheese. Its intense flavor and soft texture make it an excellent choice for salads, burgers, pasta, and other dishes. However, in case you are looking for some good alternatives, here is our list.

1. Gouda:

This yellow-colored cheese is famous all around the world due to its creamy texture. Some define the flavor as a caramel that is smooth and melts beautifully. Gouda cheese is semi-hard like Provolone but is dense. It can be used in pizzas and gets along well with pasta. As the Gouda age, its flavor becomes sweeter, unlike Provolone. So, depending on your need, you can incorporate this cheese into your cooking.

2. Fontina:

Fontina has more moisture than provolone cheese, as it is a semisoft cheese. The flavor is similar as it gives off a nutty and creamy taste. Fontina is used for pizza toppings, burgers, sandwiches, soups, etc. Fondue that uses Fontina cheese is heaven for cheese lovers. Fontina leaves your food with a rich and sweet taste, not like any other cheese. The unique flavor comes from skilled workers who make this cheese with great care and caution.

3. Scamorza:

In our list of provolone substitutes, Scamorza is another semisoft cheese. The cheese is a mix of smoky and sweet flavor. Provolone also has a mild smoky flavor that makes it distinct from other types. Just like Provolone, it melts readily and is mostly used in baking items. It belongs to the pasta filata family and comes in a pear shape. Smoked Scarmoza gives an amazing kick in the mouth while eating. So, use it in your dishes if you want to try something different.

4. Mozzarella:

Both Provolone and Mozzarella are made through stretched curds. Mozzarella is used for cooking and is easily available.  It has a high-water content but low sodium. Mozzarella helps in boosting the immune system. This pizza cheese is soft and melts quickly. It is not a top choice for substituting Provolone in terms of flavor. Each cheese has a distinct taste; Provolone is on the stronger side, whereas Mozzarella is comparatively milder. You can use a combination of Mozzarella and muenster. They can blend well and ultimately provide the best buttery texture. 

Hence, we can say that a kitchen cannot be run without certain cheese in your storage. Provolone is an excellent choice in terms of flavor and its easy melting texture, but other substitutes can be of equal benefit. Provolone is a hard cheese to substitute for because of its exceptional characteristics. Cheese is something that needs to be played around with. Different types offer different tastes and textures to be used for various cooking purposes. When it comes to cheese, everyone prefers a unique kind. Be vary for eating it in large amounts. Bon Appetite!

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