ProKeeper vs OXO- The Better Food Storage Container?

prokeeper vs oxo
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prokeeper vs oxo

Having high-quality containers is essential for users to organize the kitchen, pantry, and refrigerator. However, it’s important to select high-quality containers.

This is because the quality of storage containers directly impacts the freshness of the food and prevents them from spoilage.

OXO and ProKeeper are two different options, and with this article, we are sharing the differences between these two sets of storage containers with ProKeeper vs OXO comparison!

ProKeeper vs OXO

The Comparison Chart

  OXO ProKeeper
Materials Plastic containers with plastic or stainless steel lids Plastic containers, silicon gasket in lids, and stainless steel hinges
Lid Removable Fixed
Accessories Measuring scoops Shaker spoon, leveling bar, flour screen, and moisture stone.
Visibility Transparent Opaque and white

OXO Containers

OXO is a one-stop-shop for kitchen tools and storage containers, and their pop containers are widely compared with Progressive ProKeeper storage containers.

oxo pop container
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The pop containers are perfect for storing dry ingredients, and there are different sizes of containers available to store different ingredients.

The pop container set has containers small enough for storing the spices and huge enough to store the flour and sugar. Also, there are measuring cup scoops in the set to take out the food.

  1. Design

To begin with, the storage containers are designed with two scoops that can be connected to the container’s lids, so you can measure and dispense the ingredients.

The pop containers are integrated with a terracotta disc, which promises tight fitting of the lid into the containers. Also, the containers have an airtight lid, which prevents the infusion of air and moisture.

For this reason, the containers can keep the ingredients fresh for a longer time period. In addition, the pop containers can be stacked on each other for easier organization of the pantry.

Every container is designed with a wide opening, promising easier scooping of the food. Also, the scoops are extremely ergonomic, promising easier handling.

OXO has used BPA-free plastic to manufacture these containers, so your food ingredients are safe from chemical leeching into them.

oxo set
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There are two versions of pop containers, including 1.0 and 2.0. The 2.0 version has squared corners and a flat design and has a circular protrusion, which makes it easier to attach the leveler or measuring cup.

The storage containers have approximately 4mm thickness, and the containers don’t have any rims, which promises easier installation of the lids.

The pop containers are designed with high opacity that prevents the absorption of light. In addition, the lids are straightened, so they don’t take up too much space.

The company has used high-end commercial-grade plastic. The squared edges of the container promise easier organizing. Also, the pop top seals into the container’s edges for easy closure.

  1. Performance

The pop containers are user-friendly, and it’s pretty convenient to disassemble the lid from the container – it also streamlines the cleaning experience.

The pop containers have plastic or stainless steel lids, depending on the model. The plastic lids have a white color, and the stainless steel lids have a premium appearance.

These are stackable containers, promising easier stacking. There is a button on the lid, which can be easily pressed to open or close the seal. Also, these containers are pretty lightweight.

As far as the lids are concerned, the plastic lids are interchangeable if the size fits and won’t cause any leaks.


ProKeeper has a wide range of storage containers as well as canisters. These storage containers are preferred because they are durable and have multiple accessories.

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The storage containers are designed with lids, but they are connected to the containers with the help of a hinge, which means you cannot remove the lid.

  1. Design

ProKeeper has been designed with six containers in a set, and there are specific sizes for storing different types of food. In addition, there are various accessories, such as a shaker spoon, leveling bar, and a moisture stone.

The terracotta moisture stone is suitable for brown sugar, while the leveling bar is made from plastic and can be used to dispense the flour. Also, there is a shaker spoon for the powdered sugar.

There are easy-catch lids in the container, which promises secure stacking. Also, the lids have silicone which helps keep the air and moisture out, so the container is tightly closed.

There are two parts of the lids, so you can open one side at once to take out the food. The lid is permanently attached to the container and swings open.

The containers are made with a combination of plastic in containers, stainless steel hinges, and a silicone gasket in the lid. Also, the containers are available in opaque as well as white color.

prokeeper set
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The containers are dishwasher-safe, which promises easier cleaning. The containers are fully leak-proof and have snap-off lids for an easier user experience.

  1. Performance

The containers are made from high-quality and durable plastic, which promises a higher value for money. In addition, the containers are dishwasher-safe, promising easier cleaning.

What we love about this container set is that there are containers ranging from four quarts to 1.5 kg, so you can store flour, beans, sugar, nuts, and spices.

There are different tools available for the ingredients, such as a dusting tool for powdered sugar, while leveling tool is suitable for dispensing the flour.

However, these accessories and tools increase the prices of the container set. Also, there are six containers in the set, and all these containers have different tools for dispensing the food.

There is a silicone gasket in the container, which helps create the airtight seal. The containers have measurement marks, so you can measure the ingredients.

The accessories or tools can be clipped under the lid, so you don’t end up losing these tools. In addition, there is a mini cup available for storing spices, candies, and herbs.

On top of everything, there is an easy-catch latch that keeps the lid secure.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that both ProKeeper and OXO have high-quality storage containers available. However, the ProKeeper containers are a bit expensive, but they come with different tools.

On the other hand, OXO is a better choice for people who need an affordable container set. Also, the OXO containers can be purchased separately, while ProKeeper is only available in the form of sets.

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