5 Best Substitutes For Presto Flour

presto flour substitute
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presto flour substitute

Are you bored of always using the same old presto flour in every single dish? How about you try something different for a change. It’s time to try some great presto flour substitute for making your favorite sweet baking goods.

These are not only good for using as alternatives but also for improving the nutritional value of the dish you’re making. You can try preparing all kinds of new or old baking recipes with presto flour substitutes.

5 Best Presto Flour Substitute

If you don’t have presto flour available at your home or you are trying to prepare a gluten-free version of your favorite cake, simply replace the ingredients with these great presto flour alternatives.

Here is a list of the 5 best presto flour substitutes that you can use.

1.   All-purpose Flour

All-purpose flour, commonly called white flour, is obviously the most easily available solution for replacing your presto flour. It is a nice blend of different types of self-rising flours, all combined to make up a multi-purpose flour. The only thing it lacks is a little pinch of leavening agent.

Whenever you’re baking something, it usually involves a process of rising the dough or cake. This is known as leavening so you can guess what causes this leavening. That’s right! The leavening agent. It produces the required amount of air which is responsible for the rising of food items.

The most common leavening agent which you can probably find sitting in a corner of your kitchen is baking powder. Just mix a little bit of baking powder with All-purpose flour and you are good to go.

2.   Whole-Wheat Flour

Whole-wheat flour is another one of the great presto flour substitutes that you can use to increase the nutritional value of your food items. It consists of whole grains such as endosperm, bran, and germ parts which are very nutritional for your body. Eating whole grains can help decrease the chances of developing heart diseases and cancers.

Just add a pinch of leavening agent and substitute it for your favorite dishes. Keep in mind that whole-wheat is a bit heavier than presto flour in terms of consistency. So, you might only be able to eat half of the pastries that you’ll make. Therefore, it’s better to start with something less or smaller.

3.   Oat Flour

Oat flour is another one of the whole-grain types of presto flour substitutes just like wheat flour. It is made by pulsing dried oats using a blender. It is easily available in the market but you can also prepare it at home.

Oat flour usually takes a little more leavening agent to rise like other flours. Therefore, when adding the baking powder, you might want to double its quantity. For example, if you are adding 1 teaspoon of baking powder for all-purpose flour, you should add 2 teaspoons in oat flour.

4.   Quinoa Flour

Quinoa is actually a pseudo-grain that is known for its high protein content. Quinoa is gluten-free so it can serve as a nice dieting nutrient and it contains all nine essential amino acids.

Quinoa flour is one of the nice presto flour substitutes that usually has a bold nut-like flavor that tastes delicious for making muffins or bread at home. Although it is a bit dry on its own you can mix it with some kind of flour or some moisturizing agent. Also, don’t forget to add some leavening agent into the mix.

5.   Rice Flour

Rice flour is another one of the best gluten-free presto flour substitutes that can easily be purchased from the nearest market. It is made from grinding milled brown or white rice into a powdered form. It has a very neutral flavor so whatever you add to the mix can influence the taste of your dish.

You can also use it to thicken your soups or sauces. But it works perfectly for making moist baked goods. Just let the rice-flour batter sit for a moment to avoid extra greasiness. You can use it to prepare delicious cakes, pastries, or dumplings at home.


Other than these 5 best presto flour substitutes, there are other various options that you can look for and try out as well.

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