Power Air Fryer Oven Won’t Turn On (Fix)

power air fryer oven won't turn on
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power air fryer oven won’t turn on

How do you deal with your kitchen issues? Situations such as when you run out of some basic ingredients or when your power air fryer oven won’t turn on or you can’t seem to find a way to switch it on and get the cooking done. This gets very irritating when you’re hungry.

What’s Power Air Fryer Oven? 

Air Fryer Oven is definitely an amazing product that makes kitchen work easier. The machine is capable of reducing cooking time by half of its actual duration. It is an amazing experience to use the Power Air Fryer Oven. Anyone who needs a healthy meal ready can get it in no time with the help of Air Fryer Oven. You don’t need any knowledge or special cooking skills to use Air Fryer. Just a simple manual guide that comes along is enough to know all about the Power Air Fryer.

Many people love using their Power Air Fryer but there are also the people who sometimes have to go through a bad experience, where their power air fryer oven won’t turn on. So, what to do in this situation? No fear when we are here. To help you troubleshoot you’re not working power sir fryer, we have found some easy solutions that you can try at home. No need to take your oven to some Electronic shop. Try the given solution first and see if you can be the saver of your dying power air fryer oven.

Power Air Fryer Oven Not Working

But how would you know if your power air fryer oven is not working? Obviously, it won’t come to you to tell you that it has some power issues.

The only way to know if your power air fryer is working or not is by testing it. Either, you would turn it on just as usual but it won’t work or you can learn it the hard way where it will stop working right in the middle of when you’re cooking something.

Troubleshooting Power Air Fryer Oven Won’t Turn On

We understand how important your power air fryer oven is to you and what you can do when your power air fryer won’t turn on.

The first thing you should go to check is the cord Connections. Most of the time, there’s nothing wrong with the machinery but the problem is loose connections or loose plugs. This can be easily fixed by replacing the loose Connections and plugs with new better ones. Try removing the plug and reinsert in some other switchboard.

The second thing that you can try if your power air fryer oven won’t turn on is checking your switch circuit. It could be a burn socket or fused wiring. To fix this, you need to go check your circuit breaker for that plug outlet. Then you might wanna go and check the panel as well.


If your power air fryer won’t turn on even after trying these methods, you can take it to a local repair shop to fix the problem.

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