Pork Belly vs Pork Stomach- What’s The Difference?

Pork Belly vs Pork Stomach
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Pork Belly vs Pork Stomach

Pork is one of the most delicious meats and has a variety of cuts. All its cuts have a unique flavor and texture. The leaner cuts are mildly meaty, while fatty cuts have a rich flavor.

Pork belly and pork stomach are often considered the same, but these are two different cuts with distinct textures and flavors. So, if you want to understand the differences between the two, we are sharing an in-depth comparison with you!

Pork Belly vs. Pork Stomach

Comparison Table

Features Pork belly Pork stomach
Price Expensive Affordable
Flavor Mild Strong
Cooking method Braising, slow cooking, and roasting Roasting, stewing, and baking
Fat Yes No

 1. Pork Stomach

Pork stomach, also known as hog maw, is the stomach lining of a pig that is commonly used in various dishes in different cuisines around the world. It is a popular ingredient in Chinese, Korean, and Puerto Rican cuisine, among others.

In Chinese cuisine, pork stomach is often used in soups, stews, and braised dishes. It is also a common ingredient in dim sum dishes like pork stomach dumplings.

In Korean cuisine, pork stomach is used to make a popular dish called makchang gui, which is grilled pork stomach marinated in a spicy sauce.

In Puerto Rican cuisine, pork stomach is used to make a traditional dish called mondongo, a stew made with tripe, vegetables, and spices. The pork stomach is cleaned and boiled before being added to the stew.


Pork stomach sliced soup
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A pork stomach is a fat-less cut of meat. In addition, it doesn’t have any bones, which is why the texture is tougher and chewier. For this reason, many people cook it for a long time to make sure the meat tenderizes.

The texture of pork stomach can vary depending on how it is prepared and cooked. Overall, the texture of pork stomach can be an acquired taste for some people, but it is often appreciated for its unique flavor and texture in traditional dishes.


The pork stomach has a stronger flavor, and when mixed with different seasonings, it can be made into sausages. In addition, the thinner cut of pork stomach can be served with vegetables and rice.

2. Pork Belly

Pork belly tastes the best when it is roasted because it helps create a crispier texture. A pork belly is cut from the underside of a pig, and it’s used to prepare bacon and other pork products.

It is a fatty cut, which is why it’s recommended for dishes that need liquid-based braising or slow cooking – it helps tenderize the texture. Pork belly is rich in proteins, saturated fats, and carbs.

It surrounds the stomach and is usually available in a longer cut. In addition, it has a lot of fat, which is why it’s suitable to be used for making pancetta and bacon.

Also, it can be cooked fresh and is available in restaurants as a braised cut. This cut responds to the moist heat cooking, which makes it extremely tender.


raw pork belly with skin
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The pork belly has a fatter texture because it has more connective tissue. Many people cook it with fat to make the meat tender.

However, the experts recommend removing it before cooking. Pork belly is a thick cut, which is why it can be used to make pork chops and bacon.


Pork belly has a mild flavor, which is why it’s recommended that you smoke and cure the meat.

It is often cured with sodium nitrate, salt, and sugar, which improves flavor and tenderness. This cut is more popular in Asian and northern European cuisines.

Final Verdict

pork cuts
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Pork belly and pork stomach are different cuts because pork belly is a meatier part with fat. It’s cut from under the pig’s belly and surrounds the stomach.

On the other hand, the stomach is the non-fatty part. Also, pork belly can be a bit more expensive as compared to pork stomach.

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