Pampered Chef Egg Cooker Review 2020

pampered chef egg cooker review
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pampered chef egg cooker review

Sure, the pressure cookers and toasters are important for the kitchen. Well, no one would have thought that an egg cooker is important for them but wait till you try one. So, if you’re always curious about experimenting with new kitchen equipment, we have added the Pampered Chef Egg Cooker review in this article to help you change the way you cook eggs (forever)!

Pampered Chef Egg Cooker Review

Believe it or not, this egg maker will become the easiest kitchen helper one will ever need. The egg maker has a ceramic build that looks and seems durable. The egg maker has been designed with a rubber grip that promises easy and reliable handling. The availability of the rubber sealed lid makes sire the egg maker doesn’t open accidentally.

This egg maker has been curated with the small vent hole that helps release the trapped air and pressure. When it comes down to the size of the egg maker, it has the size of regular glass and might be even smaller in some cases. The prime reason behind this kitchen helper tool is that it helps with the scrambled and poached eggs.

With this being said, you can pour two eggs into this egg maker and mix other ingredients on the top. Once you’ve added everything in the egg maker, just put on the lid and make sure to cover the vent hole. After closing up everything, just out the egg maker in the oven and you will be able to cook the eggs, irrespective of the egg types.

On the other hand, we suggest that you mix the batter/egg after a minute in the oven, so the eggs are properly and thoroughly cooked. The egg maker has been designed with the contraption feature that promises the perfect scrambled eggs, but you can also make the omelets in less than five minutes. To be honest, this egg maker is perfect for people who don’t have access to the stoves.

The best thing about the egg cooker is that it’s easy to clean and you can also place this kitchen helper in the dishwasher. As far as the cooking is concerned, the egg cooker doesn’t need any butter or oil to cook the eggs, hence easier cleaning. Sure, this is an egg maker but it can be used to make the muffin as well; we love quick desserts!

As for the handling, the band might get slippery, so you need to use the oven mitts while taking it out of the oven. The best thing about this egg cooker is that the manufacturers have thought about every essential step for an easier user experience and convenient functionality. There is a stay-cool silicone sleeve on the exterior side that promises an easier and sturdier grip without needing the mitts.

The egg cooker has been designed with a nonstick internal coating that promises quick cooking and the eggs won’t stick to the sides or surface (even without the butter or oil). On top of everything, the egg cooker has been designed in white and grey tones that make it look pretty appealing. Also, the egg cooker can be used for office workers since it helps cook eggs in a short period of time.

With this being said, you can utilize the egg cooker in the office and cook amazing eggs in your office oven, pretty delicious lunch, right? The size of this egg cooker is enough to cook around four eggs for scrambled eggs and three eggs with ingredients in case of an omelet. The availability of the vent hole on the top promises seamless heat and steam venting.

The egg maker has been designed with a silicone gasket that makes sure the lid stays in place. When you buy this egg maker, it comes with a one-year warranty, so you can always have the issues fixed for free. As far as the cleaning is concerned, you cannot use bleach or all-purpose cleaners and dishwashing liquids for cleaning the egg cooker.

On the other hand, this egg maker is safe for the freezer, so you can freeze the omelet and reheat it after some time. The bottom line is that it’s the helpful and effective kitchen equipment for everyone who loves eggs, be it poached, scrambled, or omelet.

pampered chef egg cooker review
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