Oven Smells Like Gas When Preheating: 4 Fixes

oven smells like gas when preheating
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oven smells like gas when preheating

The ovens are absolute stars for every kitchen because how else would we enjoy those cakes, bread, and pizzas? To be honest, using an oven seems easy but there are multiple technicalities that keep everyone confused. Similarly, the oven smells like gas when preheating has become a frequent issue but there are various ways to fix it!

Oven Smells Like Gas When Preheating

If you are using the gas oven and smell gas, there are chances that you just started the oven. This unusual odor is completely normal because the gas will be combusted on the burner. As a result, there will be gas-like smells but they will go away automatically within a few minutes. For the most part, this odor seems similar to the rotten egg smell. If the smell doesn’t go away, you can try the following steps;

1) Clean

First of all, such odors are caused when you don’t clean the ovens on time. The ovens must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure nothing builds up within the oven. The best practice is to clean the oven as soon as the food gets ready and the oven cools down. This will simply eliminate the chances of smell. Some ovens are designed the self-cleaning function, so you can use that feature to ensure optimal cleaning. With the self-cleaning feature, you must remove the accessories and racks.

As far as spot cleaning is concerned, you need to use specialized oven cleaners. As for the exterior sides, you can simply use a soapy water solution and a fiber cloth to clean up everything. Some people also use conditioners to bring out the shine but it’s not part of cleaning. That being said, just clean up the oven on time and you won’t struggle with the gas odors.

2) Leakage

If the oven is all clean and you’ve recently cleaned it as well, another reason behind the gas odor would be a gas leakage. The gas leakage is actually very dangerous and you need to switch off the oven right away. Once the oven is switched off, open up all the windows for proper ventilation. Now, call the gas supplier because they will be able to fix the gas connections in your oven. If you want to be sure if it’s a gas leakage, see if you can hear the hissing sounds (if there are hissing sounds, gas leakage is confirmed). On the other hand, if you are using electric ovens, just don’t touch the electric switches because there are risks of electrical shocks.

3) Packing Materials

If you have bought a new oven and it’s giving off a gas odor, it is because there are leftover packing materials in the oven that you didn’t remove. Consequently, when you switch on the preheating function, the packing materials will get hot and burn, resulting in odors. Truth be told, this is an extremely dangerous occurrence and you need to switch off the oven right away. Even more, some ovens are designed with protective oil coating which can lead to such odors as well. So, just clear up the oven properly before you switch it on.

4) Connections

The gas connections to the ovens need to be extremely sturdy and tight to ensure gas doesn’t leak out. So, when you start smelling gas odors, it is because the connections are damaged and gas is leaking out. To fix this issue, you must switch off the oven right away and call the technician to replace these connections.

Additional Tips

If you are able to fix the odor, good for you. However, if the odor doesn’t go away even after following everything mentioned in the article, you will need to replace the oven. For future reference, we are sharing some safety tips for people who intend to use these ovens, such as;

  • You must install the carbon monoxide detector in the kitchen, so you can be alerted whenever there is a gas leak
  • If you listen to the hissing sound, you need to call the protective facilities and evacuate the space right away
  • Get training on switching on the natural gas source
  • Always turn off the gas connection before going to sleep
  • Do not use combustible oven cleaners for cleaning the ovens
  • Don’t try to repair anything on your own and call a professional
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