Oven Light Won’t Turn Off: 5 Ways To Fix

oven light wont turn off
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oven light wont turn off

The Light Inside the oven is truly a blessing. When you open the oven door the light automatically switches on. The Oven light helps you see inside the oven and help you see whether your food is ready to serve or not. It can get very difficult to cook in an oven without its inbuilt light because you can never tell for sure whether the food is getting cooked or not.

Most ovens use the best-inbuilt lighting system using foolproof technology. However, occasionally these light bulbs tend to malfunction. While the oven bulb not illuminating is an issue so is the oven bulbing not switching off.

Oven Light Won’t Turn Off

Have you been facing this issue too? Well, if your oven light won’t turn off, here’s everything you need to know regarding how to fix it.

1) Is the oven door closed properly?

Oven doors are automatically connected to the lighting system. Whenever the oven door opens the light turns on. The two are connected through inbuilt wiring. If the oven door is open, you can’t possibly switch off the light.

Fix:  Make sure that the oven door is properly closed. At times, a leftover breadcrumb or a kitchen towel might get stuck in the oven door. While you may think that the oven is closed but if it’s not properly fit in the oven frame the light won’t switch off.

2) Did you damage the oven door?

Since the oven door and the lighting system works closely, it is necessary to make sure that the oven door is not damaged. To ensure the oven door is not damaged, monitor the temperature inside the oven. If the door is damaged, it would probably be allowing heat to escape out of the oven.

Fix: In that case, you’ll have to get a new door. Oven door replacements are rarely done, call the company to get better guidance regarding the replacement procedure.

3) Did you put the timer on?

Did you accidentally activate the timer settings? Most users do end up activating the timer without realizing it. As long as the timer is on, the oven will keep working with the light on even if you’ve not placed anything inside the oven.

Fix: Carefully read the user instruction manual. Figure out how to disable the timer settings, once you disable the timer, the light will automatically turn off.

4) Bad electricity?

Did the electricity in your area trip recently? Or has there been short-circuiting? To make sure that there’s no electrical fault, disconnect the oven. Remove the oven from the main power supply and let all the charge drain. Switch it on again after an hour. If the oven light is not turning off due to an internal fault, it would get fixed by now.

5) Have you been overusing the oven?

Have you been using the oven more than you usually do? Well if that’s the case, time to give the oven some rest. Let it cool down for a few hours before you start again.

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