Oster Electric Kettle Not Working – 3 Handy Fixes

oster electric kettle not working
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oster electric kettle not working

Nowadays, electric kettles are a must-have in any kitchen. Because of our busy lives, we need a quick cup of tea or coffee to head start our day. But it is important to choose the right kettle for yourself as it plays a very crucial role in making good tea.

Oster electric kettles are one of the best-known kettles you can own. But nowadays, many people are facing problems regarding Oster electric kettle not working properly. If you are also having such a problem, we will guide you to solve it.

Fixing An Oster Electric Kettle Not Working

An electric kettle consists of two main components. One is the base and the second is the kettle jar. The base has a circular shape with two positive and negative poles. The jar also has two poles I.e., positive and negative poles. When the jar is placed on the base, the opposite poles are connected to each other which causes the kettle to boil the water steadily.

The following are some possible problems your kettle might be facing along with their solutions.

1. Check Power

The first thing that you can check is to make sure that the kettle is turned on. Plug the kettle’s wire in and switch on the power. Next, turn the switch ON by pushing down the switch on/off button. This will light up the light of the indicator to blue which confirms that the power has been turned on.

2. Faulty Electric Heater

The kettle’s electric heater controls the temperature. Once the temperature reaches the desired level, it turns it off.

If the heater is faulty, then the kettle will not be able to boil the water as the temperature will not rise. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the kettle’s heater is working properly. The simplest way to do so is by using a multimeter. If the heater is not working properly, then replace it with a new heater.

3. Replace The Thermostat fuse

About 90 percent of electric kettle problems are because of the thermostat. The thermostat is a very important component of an electric kettle as it controls the heating supply. To check the working of the thermostat fuse, disconnect the wire and open the thermostat, if it is not heating the water then replace the faulty thermostat with a new one. Also, keep in mind to find the thermostat that works for your kettle as there are several different types of thermostats available. The following are the steps to replace the thermostat:

  • Unscrew the lid of the base.
  • Find the thermostat cutoff fuse.
  • Remove the faulty fuse.
  • Verify the new fuse with the help of the multimeter.
  • Replace the fuse.
  • Put it all back together.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, we hope that you find our article helpful. If none of the above-mentioned solutions work for you, then we recommend that you contact the customer support service. They will help you solve your problem further. Alternatively, you can try contacting a verified technician who should help you get a better look at the issue.

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