Butterball Turkey vs Regular Turkey- Better One?

butterball turkey vs regular
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butterball turkey vs regular

We all know how important a turkey is on a vacation dinner. How well you can cook the bird depends on your experience, recipe, and the type of turkey you have. Although, some people might disagree that the brand of turkey does not matter. Even then, there are some basic differences between each type. Butterball is a brand highly popular for their turkey. Those who have been using regular turkey for years consider it the best. So, if you are wondering what is the difference between butterball turkey vs regular turkey, you are at the right place.

Butterball vs Regular Turkey:

Butterball Turkey:

Butterball has invested a lot in marketing its brand. It is because of this reason that many people tend to buy their products. But is this the only reason? No.

Butterball turkey is pre-brined. This step helps to keep the turkey moist when you cook them and saves up your time as well. The resultant turkey is juicy and tender because it is pre-brined in breast meat. You don’t have to perform this step again.

Another important thing that we need to discuss is the cook proof bag the turkey comes in. You can choose to cook the turkey in the bag or remove it prior to cooking. Either way, the process is simple and quick.

The company caters to their user’s ease. They have some recipes and instructions in the manual. This guides you at every step and allows you to avoid any blunders. If you do not know what temperature ranges you should follow, then look into the guide.

Do you wrestle every year to stuff the turkey? With Butterball’s natural leg tuck, it is a lot easier to stuff it with whatever you want. Make sure the stuffing you use is prepared beforehand. Furthermore, they do not add a metal clip that could tease you when removing the stuffing.

Are you concerned about how Butterball treats Turkey? Don’t be, as they have a certification from American Humane Association.

The problem some people find with a Butterball turkey is its price. They are nearly double the price.

Regular Turkey:

A regular turkey differs from the Butterball one. A store-bought turkey has a different appearance than Butterball. It also differs in the preparatory method. You will not find a pre-brined regular turkey. So, you have to spend some time and effort in preparing the meal. This means a regular turkey does not have any artificial seasonings or additives.

There is also a difference in flavor. It depends on each turkey and where and how it was bought up. The two differ in the taste profile too. Which one you choose depends on your taste buds. Butterball says they sell specially selected birds. With a regular turkey, you can choose which one you would like to buy.

A regular turkey is cheaper than Butterball, but a fresh one is not. Your choice of a Turkey has a lot to do with your budget. Don’t lose heart and think you can’t make a cheaper Turkey as tasty.

You will not get an instruction guide like Butterball. However, there are tons of videos and recipes on the internet to cater to your needs. Keep in check the temperature as it plays a major role while making a turkey.

If you want to buy a fresh turkey, you might need to pay some extra money than the Butterball turkey. Those who have now tasted the fresh ones, do not want to go back to any frozen type of turkey.

Concluding thoughts:

There is no doubt about the importance of the type of Turkey while cooking on a special occasion. No one wants to mess up even a little on these events. So, if the thought of butterball turkey vs regular arose in your mind, we hope to have cleared all the confusion. Butterball turkey is expensive but has advantages of its own. They are pre-brined and come with a targeted manual. Regular turkey is equally good but has a longer preparatory time. In case, you are short on budget, a regular turkey is your go-to option. The taste profile may differ too. However, in the end, it is all about your preferences.

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