Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Cycle Not Working: 6 Ways To Fix

ninja coffee bar clean cycle not working
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ninja coffee bar clean cycle not working

Coffee machines are great but you must have them properly cleaned to ensure they brew your coffee properly. With this being said, Ninja coffee bar clean not working can be pretty intriguing. This is because clean cycles keep the coffee bar squeaky clean and promising brewing. For this reason, we are sharing different fixes that will keep the clean cycle up and running!

Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Cycle Not Working

1) Brew Basket

The clean cycle will only work properly when you have placed the brew basket in place. For this reason, remove the brew basket from the coffee bar and make sure to pull it towards in the straightforward manner. In addition, you must boost the brew basket with a slight angle. For inserting the brew basket, align it with the rails in a straight line. Then, you need to slide it back into the brewer to ensure it clicks in the correct position.

2) Button

The clean cycle might not be working because you haven’t pushed the correct button. So, for this purpose, you must fill up the water reservoir up to the fine line. Once the reservoir is filled with water, press the clean button (please click the correct button). As a result, it will flush water throughout the coffee bar and lights will automatically go off after flushing it clean.

3) Shake It Up

First of all, you need to remove the cables attached to the coffee bar and remove all the accessories. Once everything is plugged out, place it upside down and shake it up. Once you have shaken it up, use vinegar in the reservoir and push the clean button for initiating the clean cycle. Adding vinegar to the reservoir will ensure that the calcium deposits clean off. On the contrary, if shaking the coffee bar doesn’t work, you could try shaking it up once again for a better outcome.

4) Hard Water

When it comes down to using the clean cycle, keep in mind that water form will matter a great deal. With this being said, if your area has hard water running, you will need to use a filter for taking out the hard water. So, use the filter as it helps keep the hard water out. Hard water is essential to discuss because it can lead to scale deposits that adversely impact the clean cycle. So, add a filter to keep the hard scaling at bay, and the cleaning cycle will start working.

5) Incomplete Cleaning

If you’ve been making the incomplete cleaning cycles earlier, it might have damaged the functionality of the clean cycle. With this being said, one needs to open up the machine and ensure to descale the machine (descaling is suggested after every month). Once you descale, it will start working properly and the clean cycle will function as well. In addition, always complete the cleaning cycle.

6) Reset

In case nothing resolves the clean cycle issue with your Ninja coffee var, reset should fix this issue. For this purpose, just remove the power cable and wait for five minutes to ensure all the lights go off. Once the Ninja coffee bar switches on (when you insert the cables), the clean cycle will start working.

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