Ninja Coffee Bar Buttons Not Working: 6 Ways To Fix

ninja coffee bar buttons not working
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ninja coffee bar buttons not working

Waking up from the deep sleep can be hard (especially if you love sleep) but one cup of coffee will freshen you up. So, what could be better than having the coffee bar at your home, right? Ninja coffee bar is one of the promising choices but Ninja coffee bar buttons not working can impact the functionality. With this article, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods that will fix the button issues!

Ninja Coffee Bar Buttons Not Working

1) Functions

This is more of a turnaround with which you need to set the delay brew function. The function must be set to now+1 minute and it will work just fine. Once the function is set, you will be able to use the buttons.

2) Reboot

Before we move on to the troubleshooting methods, it’s best that you reboot the coffee bar. For rebooting the coffee bar, take out the power cable and wait for a few minutes. After a few minutes, plug in the power cable again, and while inserting the power cable, press the buttons on the machine. As a result, we are pretty sure that the buttons will start working.

3) Plugging

To begin with, there are chances that you haven’t plugged the coffee bar at all. We suggest looking for the indicator light to check the coffee bar is switched on. If the indicator light isn’t switched on, there are plugging issues. There are two possibilities; one is that the power cables aren’t working properly, so we suggest that you replace the power cable.

Secondly, the power outlet might not be working which is causing the button issues. We suggest that you plug the coffee bar into a different power outlet and it will start working for sure.

4) Brew Basket

For the buttons to work properly on the Ninja coffee bar, it must be properly set up. To begin with, you must push the brew basket, so it is secured in the coffee bar. Brew basket helps ground the coffee; once the basket is pushed in, the edges will flush with the machine. This will properly set up the coffee bar and buttons will start working.

5) Drip Stop

If the buttons are still not working, it’s highly likely that the drip stop is closed. With this being said, you should try to open the drip store widest possible and it will probably make the buttons work. The drip stop is designed under the brew basket, so open it to the widest on the other side.

6) Water Reservoir

If you need the buttons to work, the water reservoir must be locked in place. This is because when the coffee bar is not set up properly, the buttons won’t work. So, take out the water reservoir and fill it up with water up to the fine line. After filling the water reservoir, push it in the right place (the edges must be flushed against the machine).

If nothing seems to work and function the buttons, you could try talking to Ninja customer support. If your coffee bar is in warranty, the repair will be free.

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