How To Fix Ninja Blender E01 And E02 Error Code?

ninja blender e01 and e02 error code
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ninja blender e01 and e02 error code

The blenders have become the ultimate kitchen staple. Be it blending the veggies for your gravy or making delicious smoothies; blenders are the go-to kitchen equipment. This is why Ninja has released a high-end blender. However, some users are wondering about the Ninja blender E01 and E02 error codes. In this article, we are sharing what these error codes mean and the respective solutions.

Check Official Manual for Troubleshooting

Ninja Blender E01 And E02 Error Code

E01 Error Code – What’s The Meaning?

1) First Reason

When it comes down to the error code E01 in Ninja blenders, there are two reasons behind it. First of all, the overheated motor will result in this issue. Usually, people just keep blending and don’t give a break for blending. In simpler words, one reason behind the E01 error code is extensive blender operation.

Let It Cool Down

We have already mentioned that the E01 error code might appear on the Ninja blender when you run the blender for a long time. In that case, you will need to switch off the Ninja blender. It’s best to remove the power cable from the blender and power source. Then, keep the power out for around ten minutes. During this time, the motor will cool down, and the error will go away.

2) Second Reason

The second reason behind the E01 error code might be the too thick consistency of the food in the blender. The users usually believe that blenders can blend the hard edibles, but the too thick consistency can lead to such errors. So, if there is an E01 error code, you could try checking the consistency of food in the blender.


First of all, the error can be eliminated by adding to the pitcher. This is because adding water will thin out the consistency of food/paster in the blender. As a result, the error code will be erased.

Food Tamper

In case you have added water, but the error still won’t go away, there are chances that the liquid isn’t properly mixed with the ingredients in the pitcher. For this purpose, we suggest using the food tamper tool because it can mix up the ingredients and water. As a result, blending the thicker food ingredients will be easy.

E02 Error Code – What’s The Meaning?

The E02 error code with Ninja blender incurs because of the thermostat failure. The thermostat is responsible for easing the blending and promises an effective outcome. In this case, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;


First of all, you could try fixing the minor thermostat issue by rebooting the blender. Well, the blender can be rebooted by taking out the power plug. Then, keep the power plug out and remove the pitcher. After a few minutes, re-seat the pitcher into the bottom base.

In case following the troubleshooting methods don’t resolve the E01 and E02 error code, you will need to call Ninja customer support. The Ninja customer support can be contacted at 1-866-826-6941. In case your blender is still in warranty, it’s best to ask them for warranty service. In case there is no warranty, just ask for technical assistance!

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