3 Reasons Why Your Mung Beans Smell

mung beans smell
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mung beans smell

One of the most common questions is why the mung beans smell so bad. Your mung beans smell when they start sprouting. This sprouting smell is so much similar to most of the bad smells like sulfur, rotten food, or even corpses.

Well, it is a very easy process to fix this sprouting smell, so you can go back to sprouting your mung beans again.

How To Make Mung Beans Sprout

One of the most common sprouts is mung Bean sprouts and you can get them by soaking them in a cup of water. But the sprouting process is not that easy and you have to regularly rinse the mung beans during the process when the sprout starts to begin and grow.

The process of mung beans sprouting can be completed in a few days and you can have a tasty and yummy meal with these mung beans. The quality of Mung Bean sprouts can be determined by their off white color and the crunch that you feel while biting.

How Do The Mung Beans Smell During Sprouting

Most commonly, people think that all the sprouting of mung beans gives off a bad smell. However, mung bean sprouts should not smell a lot when they are kept clean. When sprouting mung beans, you must wash them regularly and allow them to dry so that they don’t smell bad.

A properly sprouted mung Bean must smell like all the similar salad veggies and it can be described more like the earthy smell if you do not smell anything else. However, your mung beans must not smell like rotten food, sulfur, or urine.

In some cases, mung bean sprouts do smell like a corpse or Rotten food. However, if your mung beans smell like that, then you must discard them right away and start with fresh mung beans.

There’s a high chance that you must have forgotten your mung beans sprout for too long in water which may have caused them to smell so bad. Make sure you take better care next time. However, there are a few more reasons for that as well.

Reasons Why Your Mung Beans Sprout Smell Bad

There can be more than one reason that has caused your mung bean sprouts to smell bad. This is why you need to know what are the reasons so that you can make sure that your mung Bean sprout does not smell bad in the next attempt.

  • Good airflow is not provided and the water is not dripping out freely during the sprouting process. Water must not trap otherwise it can cause the rotting, once the beans are rinsed.
  • You must have missed the rinsing process. You must rinse your mung bean sprouts at least twice per day.
  • You must have soaked your mung bean sprouts for a longer duration than about 6 to 12 hours. Not rinsing can cause a breakdown of mung bean sprouts and will cause them to rot.

Hopefully, this blog helped you to find a better understanding of the mung bean sprout smell.

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