Minced vs Pressed Garlic: What’s The Difference?

minced vs pressed garlic
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minced vs pressed garlic

For everyone who loves to cook and experiment with recipes, it would be evident that garlic is an important part of the kitchen. Be it pasta or savory dishes, all of them are incomplete without garlic.

However, how you add garlic to the recipe can majorly impact the flavor and aroma of the recipe. For this reason, we are sharing information about minced vs. pressed garlic!

Minced vs Pressed Garlic

Minced Garlic

When the garlic clove is minced, it will turn cloves into small pieces. Generally, mincing the garlic will make a higher number of pieces. That being said, minced garlic adds more aroma and flavor to the recipes. Even with minced garlic, there is coarse minced and finely minced garlic. The finely minced garlic is usually minced excessively into the small pieces.

On the other hand, the coarsely minced garlic is usually minced into fewer pieces. It’s obvious that coarsely minced garlic will have fewer pieces, and the pieces will be bigger. The minced garlic tends to have a strong flavor and will be fresher as compared to garlic powder or garlic paste. The garlic can be minced at home, but some grocery stores also have pre-minced garlic in the jarred form.

The best thing about minced garlic is that it doesn’t look bad in the dish and will still add aroma and flavor. All in all, minced garlic will add freshness to the recipe with a strong flavor.

Pressed Garlic

Imagine you are enjoying your delicious sauce and chewing on the garlic; it will ruin the taste, right? That being said, such garlic pieces will lead to garlic breath, and the flavor will dominate the mouth. Even more, it can ruin the overall flavors of the recipe. For this reason, you can opt for pressed garlic because it will release all the flavor and essence.

The flavor and essence will be equally distributed to the recipe, hence the flavor and aroma. On top of everything, it will not leave behind the garlic pieces. The best thing about pressed garlic is that it won’t burn up, which means it won’t leave behind the burning taste or acrid fragrance. The pressed garlic is made from a garlic press.

There are various types of garlic press in the market, such as twisters, garlic rockers, peelers, and magical cylinders. It’s best to opt for the simpler one because it makes your work easy and will be more convenient to use. However, for making pressed garlic, you need to peel off the skin before adding the garlic clove to the garlic press.

Choosing Between Minced Garlic Or Pressed Garlic

In the majority of cases, people are unable to outline the differences between pressed garlic and minced garlic. The garlic must be properly minced or pressed. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that minced garlic can be made by chopping the garlic cloves. However, not everyone can mince garlic in the finest form. That being said, using the pressed garlic is better.

We are saying this because pressed garlic will have the minced form (more of a puree). That being said, if the garlic is finely minced, it can be used in the recipes without adding big chunks to the recipe. As far as the fresh garlic cloves are concerned, there are no major differences in the pressed garlic or minced garlic.

In case you need to add one garlic clove to the recipe, it doesn’t matter if you add pressed garlic or minced garlic because the flavor will be similar. Similarly, if the recipe has other dominant flavors or if the recipe demands a long cooking time, you don’t need to worry about choosing between pressed garlic and minced garlic.

On the contrary, if you are cooking something that has garlic as the main ingredient or flavor, how garlic is prepared will lead to a significant change in the flavor. Coming to the main point, minced garlic will release intense and strong flavor. In the case of coarsely chopped garlic, the flavor will be moderate. Lastly, the lightly crushed cloves will leave behind the subtle flavor.

As far as pressed garlic is concerned, it will release the garlic oils, hence the strong and pungent aroma. If we compare minced garlic and pressed garlic, the latter will leave behind a more intense and pungent flavor and aroma. As for the minced garlic, it will add intense aroma and flavor only if it’s finely minced!

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