3 Ways To Fix Maytag Stove Indicator Light Stays On

maytag stove indicator light stays on
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Maytag Stove Indicator Light Stays On

There are a few great options if you’re looking for a new kitchen range. A gas or electric range from Maytag has several benefits, including fingerprint-resistant interiors and easy-to-use knobs and buttons.

Both gas and electric models from Maytag come with unique features and affordable pricing and are loved by many users all over the world.

A Maytag stove has a control panel that lets you easily adjust its functions. In addition, some Maytag stoves also have a self-cleaning feature for ultimate convenience.

However, many users have complained that the indicator lights of the Maytag stove stay on sometimes. If you are facing this problem, read the following guide:

Troubleshooting the Maytag Stove Indicator Light Stays On

1. Short

An indicator light is a key part of a Maytag stove. It lets you know if the cooktop surface is hot or not. It may flash when the controls aren’t set properly.

The first step to troubleshooting the indicator light problem in the Maytag stove is to find out what kind of stove you have. You can do this by looking up the stove’s model number online and finding the online owner’s manual for that model.

If your Maytag stove’s indicator light has suddenly turned off, this could be due to a short. If that’s the case, it should be repaired right away to ensure the seamless performance of your oven.

If you cannot solve the issue, you should call a professional repairman. They will determine the root cause and make a proper repair.

2. Failed Top Burner Sensor

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Getting regular maintenance is important to keep the stove in good shape. Sensors on top of Maytag burners are useful to keep you safe while cooking.

They detect things placed on top of the burner and warn you when they’re too hot. They also work with indicator lights to show accurate data about the stove’s status.

Sometimes, the indicator light can also stay on due to a problem with the top burner sensor. Unplugging the unit will allow you to check the sensor. If it’s bad, it’s best to call a professional to fix it.

If you are to repair it yourself, take safety precautions before attempting repairs to avoid injury.

Cleaning the Top Burner Sensor

Sensors on top of Maytag burners should be cleaned to keep them functioning properly. If they appear dirty, consider cleaning them with a clean cloth.

It may also be necessary to replace the sensors if they’re damaged. If you are to replace them, start by removing the top panel.

The sensor is attached to the unit with screws. To replace the sensor, remove the old one from the stove and put the new one into place. The new one should have the same backing and connector.

3. Bad Burner Switch

If your Maytag stove indicator light is staying on, the problem could also be with the burner switch. The burner switch is responsible for controlling the heat that the heating element generates and is an important component of the Maytag stove.

If it is not functioning, you may need to replace it. If the light stays on even after replacing the switch, the problem might be more complicated. In such cases, you should call a professional repairman or electrician.

Before replacing the burner switch, make sure to turn off the stove’s power. During the installation, work gloves should be worn. Then, you can proceed to replace the switch. Follow the manual’s instructions, and you’ll be on your way to a better-working stove.

Moreover, the manufacturer offers a warranty plan that will pay for repairs. If your stove malfunctions during the warranty period, the company will exchange it for a similar model or reimburse you for the purchase price.

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The Bottom Line

There are many possible reasons why the indicator light on your Maytag stove may stay on. You should carefully examine the model to find the best solution for your Maytag stove. We have outlined various reasons and solutions for this problem in this guide.

While trying to fix the problem yourself may be tempting, it is often better to seek professional help. Experts will be able to diagnose the problem quickly and easily.

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