Using Master Meat Mixes For Pressure Cooking

Master Meat Mixes Pressure Cooking
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Master Meat Mixes Pressure Cooking

Pressure cookers are multi-purpose kitchen tools that can be used to steam, slow cook tough and large cuts of meat, and even prepare desserts and yoghurts. With pressure cookers, you can prepare food easily within a fraction of the time it would take other traditional cooking methods without losing any of the moisture, flavour or nutrients.

Using Master Meat Mixes For Pressure Cooking

While a lot of meat dishes consist of other ingredients that help to make a full meal, pressure cookers can also be used for preparing master mixes that are both fresh and frozen. Homemade master mixes can help you save both time and money but if you do not have time to prepare your own, you can also purchase frozen master mixes from your local butcher or grocery store.

Why use master mixes for pressure cooking?

Master mixes are great because they can be utilized as the foundation or base for many delicious recipes. If you often have to prepare meals within a moment’s notice, master mixes are ideal because master mixes often come prepared which allows the cook to cut the cooking times by half.

Master mixes are also convenient because they can be prepared using ingredients that you may already have in storage. Making your own master mixes at home can save you both time and money. When you prepare your own master mixes at home, it is generally easier to prepare several recipes at once which can consequently allow you to cut about 3/4ths of the preparation time during those busy days.

Though buying your master mixes at the store can eliminate prep time altogether, commercial master mixes cost money and because they are designed to last on the shelf for extended periods, many varieties often come jam-packed with harmful additives and preservatives that you definitely want to avoid.

Cooking with frozen master mixes

When cooking with a pressure cooker, master mixes can be prepared within minutes. If you are using frozen master mixes, there will be no need to defrosting or pre-thawing them before cooking. Master mixes that have been well stored in plastic packaging can be used easily in recipes such as spaghetti, sloppy Joes, tacos, stroganoff, as well as chill.

If you stored your homemade master mixes in containers, be sure to thaw them before combining the mix into a recipe. This is because container storage will cause the master mix to freeze in a huge block, which will be harder to cook in pressure cooker unless it is defrosted or thawed properly.

Cooking master meat mix in a pressure cooker

Ground beef is one of those varieties of meat that are easy to prepare and can be incorporated in a wide array of recipes. Not only is ground beef tasty and nutritious, but it is also economical as well and perfect for feeding large families.

To prepare a master mix in a pressure cooker, heat the cooker over medium heat. Crumble your ground beef into the pressure cooker until you attain a uniform size. When you notice the red colour of the beef turning brown, add half a cup of water, onions, and the rest of your spices.

Secure the lid and bring the cooker to 15psi over high heat. Reduce the heat to the lowest setting to allow the pot to maintain pressure and cook the master mix for about 8 minutes. Remove from the heat source and utilize the natural release method before removing the lid.

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