5 Best Major Grey’s Chutney Substitutes

major grey's chutney substitutes
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major grey’s chutney substitutes

Major grey was an army officer during the British rule over the sub-continent in the 19th century. He created a unique blend of flavorful ingredients that still stands out in the States.

The chutney he made was given the name of Major Grey’s chutney in contribution to the awesome recipe. He made a big name in those kitchens that loved Indian spices and food.

The sweet and tangy taste goes with any sub-continent dish. Making such chutney at home is an arduous task. So, buying a bottle of Major grey was always an easy way. However, if you cannot find it in any grocery store and is out of stock online too, then go for major grey chutney’s substitutes from our list.

The ingredients he used are vinegar, lime juice, onion, mangoes, raisins, spices, and sweetening items. The items vary from each commercial company, but these are always consistent. The chutney is served with a savory curry or meat.

The flavor of the chutney is on a milder side making it famous among non-Asians. The heat is present at the end, but it is mild, so there’s not a big problem for those who do not prefer very hot dishes. Right now, Patak’s and stonewall kitchen are the industry leaders in making major grey chutney.

Major Grey’s Chutney Substitutes

1) Apricot jam or preserves

Do you have a bottle of apricot jam or preserves at home? If you cannot get a hand on the chutney, go for this decent substitute. A store-bought apricot jam is an easier option. However, you can always try one made at home.

The process seems hard but that’s not the case. You need apricots, sugar, lemon, and water only. The jars you use must be sterile to prevent mold formation. Make all ingredients except sugar. Add sugar when apricots have become soft. Keep on mixing until sugar dissolves and let the water boil off.

When the jam is thick and wrinkles on putting a finger through it, it is ready to be taken off. Let it cool down and put it in a jar with tight metal lids.

2) Peach marmalade

Any sweet marmalade would do but peach marmalade is the closest. Peach is sweet and is a mixture of peaches, lemons, and oranges. Pectin is necessary to lessen the cooking time. Simmer orange and lemon in a saucepan.

Then, boil peaches for a few seconds to let the skin peel off. Cut them down and mix all the fruits, sugar, and pectin powder. Boil it for 1 minute and remove it. Let it cool down and place in airtight and sterilized jars.

3) Mostarda di Cremona

It is an Italian chutney made that is fruity and spicy in flavor. It has a sweet and hot side to it too. You have to add full pieces of fruits, sugar, and mustard oil. You can pour it onto meat, cheese, and desserts. We believe it is a good alternative because of its versatility and taste profile.

4) Tamarind chutney

Although a little distinct in taste from major grey’s, a tamarind chutney can never fail your taste buds. It has a sweet and tangy taste that can fulfill your need for major grey’s. The chutney has a thick consistency. The sour, tangy part comes from the tamarind. Whereas the sweet part comes from the sugar or sugarcane juice. This sub-continent chutney will prove its worth to you. 

5) Mix cranberries and lemon juice

This fruit is famous for being used as a sauce for casseroles and desserts. What makes this a great substitute for major grey’s is its nutritional value. You have to add some lemon juice to add the tangy part. It has a wide range of vitamins and antioxidants.

Indian or the sub-continent food has made its place in the States and other Western countries. Major grey’s chutney is a unique, flavorful chutney that made its place in the hearts of non-Asians.

However, if you do not have it, you can try out all the above alternatives. You will find out the diversity of this side of food. Finding the right blend is of utmost importance. The substitutes we have mentioned are similar in taste profile as well as versatility.

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