5 Steps To Diagnose Magic Chef Freezer Not Freezing Issue

magic chef freezer not freezing
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magic chef freezer not freezing

Magic Chef freezers are pretty famous in the kitchen appliance industry, especially when deep freezers have become challenging to find. However, many people are still struggling with the Magic Chef freezer not freezing. If your freezer is acting up as well, let’s talk about some troubleshooting methods, shall we?

Magic Chef Freezer Not Freezing

1. Check The Condenser Coils

If your freezer is integrated with the condenser coils behind the freezer or under the freezer, there are chances of dust buildup, which hinders the freezing capacity. This is because the condenser coils need proper air circulation around them and dust buildup eliminates that air circulation. That being said, switch off your freezer and locate the condenser coil – if they are dirty, you know what to do (clean them, obviously).

2. What About The Evaporator Fan Motor?

The evaporator fan motor is designed to draw air all around the evaporator coils and circulate them throughout the freezer. If the fan motor stops working, the freezer will be unable to keep the cooling and start freezing. In the majority of cases, the fan motor is designed to operate only when the door is closed. If you want to check the functionality, open the lid of the freezer and activate the door switch manually. In case the switch activates but you cannot listen to the whirring of the motor, it’s time to replace the fan motor. Most Common Solution

3. Start Relay

The start relay is designed to power up the compressor. When the start relay stops working, the functionality will be intermittent, or it won’t operate at all. If the compressor isn’t running, the freezer won’t be able to freeze. If you want to check the functionality of the start relay, you need to unplug it and check the continuity (if there is no continuity or it looks burnt, call the electrician to get the start relay replaced).

4. Frosted Evaporator Coils

When the Magic Chef freezer stops freezing, there are chances that the defrost system isn’t working as it must. The defrost heater is designed to operate multiple times a day to melt the frost that could have frozen over the evaporator coils. On the other hand, when this heater stops working, the evaporator coils will have frost covering it all, and the freezing will be adversely impacted. In that case, just check the continuity and get it fixed in case of continuity issues.

5. Condenser Fan Motor

We have already talked about the issues associated with the condenser fan motor, but you need to check the condenser fan motor as well. This component is designed to draw air all around the condenser and all over the freezer’s condenser coils. When the condenser fan motor stops working, the air circulation will be impacted, resulting in its inability to create cooling.

For this purpose, you need to inspect the fan blades and clear the obstructions (they need to move freely). This is because if the blades don’t rotate freely, the bearings need your attention because they might be worn out (you could also replace the entire fan motor).

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