3 Ways To Fix Kenmore Dishwasher Normal Wash Light Flashing

kenmore dishwasher normal wash light flashing
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kenmore dishwasher normal wash light flashing

We can all agree how annoying it can get to have to wash your dishes after a long day of work. Luckily, with the invention of a dishwasher, washing your dishes has never been easier. All you have to do is to place your dishes inside it and let it do all the work for you.

How to Fix Kenmore Dishwasher Normal Wash Light Flashing?

While there’s no denying Kenmore is a reliable company that offers a great variety of dishwashers, some people seem to be having issues with their dishwashers. According to them, their Kenmore dishwasher’s normal wash light is flashing.

In case you are currently experiencing the same thing, and are worried and confused, then this article is specifically for you! Using the article, we will be explaining all the different ways on how you can fix the issue for good. So, without t wasting any time further, let’s get started!

  1. Try Entering Diagnostic Mode

If the normal flashlight is flashing, then one of the first things that we recommend you do is to get your dishwasher enter diagnostic mode. In order to do this, you will have to press the following buttons in order:

  • Press the sani-rinse or high temp button
  • Pres the heated dry button
  • Press the hi-temp button
  • Press the heated button again

After pressing all these buttons, you will notice all the lights on your dishwasher suddenly start lighting up. Make sure you close the door and let the cycle run for at least a minute after which you can press the cancel button. Your dishwasher should start functioning normally. If not, keep on following the troubleshooting steps.

  1. Check The Keypad

Another reason why you are facing this error could be due to the keypad. While there’s a chance that there is something definitely wrong with your keypad, we recommend you thoroughly inspect it first. Check to see if the keypad is stuck, or if anything is wrong with it.

It could be that your keypad’s gone bad. In this case, you will have to opt for a complete replacement.

  1. Getting Professional Help

In case the issue still persists, then we are afraid there is barely anything you can do by yourself. You should try seeking professional help by calling in any verified professional and letting him have a look at your dishwasher. You can also try contacting the support for additional help and guidance.

The Bottom Line:

Is your Kenmore dishwasher normal wash light flashing? If so, then all you need to do is to follow all the guidelines that we have mentioned in the article. Following them should help you get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

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