2 Ways To Fix Fix Kenmore Refrigerator LED Lights Not Working

kenmore refrigerator led lights not working
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kenmore refrigerator led lights not working

You may have noticed that pretty much every refrigerator comes with an LED light that turns on as soon as you open its door. This is actually a really important feature that tells the user whether the fridge is completely closed or if it’s still open.

How to Fix Kenmore Refrigerator LED Lights Not Working?

As explained above, LED lights are a vital part of any fridge. Without the LED lights, it’s really hard to tell if the fridges even closed or not. If left open, the refrigerator will lose all of its cooling which could lead to ruining all the food stored inside the fridge.

Unfortunately, we have been seeing plenty of Kenmore users complaint about their refrigerator LED lights not working. In this article, we will be giving you a list of different ways on how you can fix the issue for good. Here are all of them listed down below:

  1. Defective Light Bulb

In case the light bulb has not been working, then it is possible that the light bulb itself is defective. You can use a multimeter to check this. First, you will have to check whether the refrigerator is getting any power from the socket or not. Once you have confirmed this, you can then proceed to check the light bulb socket.

Doing so should give you an idea about the light bulb being defective or not. If it really is defective, you will have to get it replaced with a new one.

  1. Checking the Door Switch

The door switch is another important element present inside a fridge that lets voltage inside the light bulb in the first place. This is why it is possible that even if your light bulb and light socket are completely fine, a defective door switch could still cause the fridge to not light up whenever it is opened.

As there are different fridge models available in the market, you will have to manually locate the door switch’s location. You can refer to the user manual in order to learn about its exact location or try locating it yourself.

Make sure that you carefully remove the door switch as damaging any component could lead to further issues. Similarly, use a meter in order to check the continuity of the door switch. In case you notice any issue with it, you will have to get it replaced or repaired.

The Bottom Line:

Are your Kenmore LED lights not working? In most cases, the LED bulb itself or the door switch is the most common cause for the LED lights to stop working. This is why we recommend you try checking them both. Also, if you seem to be having issues with checking the appliance, consider seeking professional help or contacting support for further help.

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