Kahlua vs Baileys: What’s The Difference?

kahlua vs baileys
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kahlua vs baileys

Liqueurs and coffee are two things that have become an essential part of everyone’s daily life. That being said, these two things have been mixed to make the coffee liqueurs. There are different brands in the market offering coffee liqueurs which is why we are sharing information about Kahlua vs. baileys. With this article, we are sharing information about the differences!

Kahlua vs Baileys


This brand is famous for a high-end coffee liqueur. Kahlua was made back in 1936 in Mexico. This is the Mexican combination that is made with a combination of coffee, sugar, vanilla, and corn syrup. It’s an affordable option with reliable flavor. It can be enjoyed with ice and makes a great addition to a white Russian cocktail. Kahlua made this coffee liqueur in Veracruz when the Alvarez brothers farmed the coffee beans (Kahlua is actually the coffee slang).

Back in 1948, it was the first time used in bars in Brussels. Kahlua has been named the best coffee liqueur (won this title back in 1980). For the most part, Kahlua is a delicious beverage with hints of chocolate and coffee. The best thing about Kahlua is that both these flavors are intense and bitter. However, vanilla tends to tone down the strong flavor. Kahlua has a syrupy and thick texture with chocolate flavors.

In addition, Kahlua has the base of brown sugar. For the most part, this coffee liqueur has a milky finish with cocoa, cream, vanilla, and coffee flavor. Even more, Kahlua is famous for B-52 which has complex flavor and texture. On top of everything, it has a perfect pour and makes a perfect party drink. For the most part, it’s the dominant coffee liqueur around the world. It’s famous as a dessert drink and can be added to a Black Russian cocktail. Kahlua is made from pure Arabica beans and has different flavors.

The flavors include hazelnut, vanilla, and mocha. Kahlua is made after roasting and processing the coffee beans. The first impression of this liqueur is the cinnamon, coffee, and milk vanilla hints. In addition, some people also feel the alkali notes, along with sweet alcohol and caramel flavor. On the contrary, we feel like alcohol is in the background. Kahlua has a transparent caramel yet bronze color. Generally, it has a dark color, but it’s not opaque.

When swirled, Kahlua makes a thick coat on the glass and makes some legs. As far as the taste is concerned, Kahlua has a creamy sweet flavor with intense coffee flavor. In addition, it has a cinnamon bite with caramel and vanilla overtones. On the contrary, Kahlua has a slight alcohol aftertaste with a lingering finish. It is suitable for cooking as well as drinking. It comes in a dark brown glass bottle which is pretty iconic. It has red and gold labels with a classic red ribbon.


Baileys has a long industry under its belt and has been around since 1973. It was first invented in London and is a flavorful spirit. Contrary to usual belief, Baileys is not the Irish beverage, and ever since the launch, they have launched over eighty million bottles. Baileys are readily available in more than 180 countries. Baileys also has a cream product known as original Irish cream. The cream is made with a combination of Irish whiskey and dairy cream.

Baileys have vanilla extract and cocoa beans, which deliver the chocolate-like flavor. However, there are multiple flavors available in Baileys. For instance, these flavors include chocolate cherry, salted caramel, espresso crème, and vanilla cinnamon. Even more, it’s available in pumpkin spice and almond milk flavor. Baileys has some limited-edition flavors as well, such as chocolate luxe, strawberries and cream, and dulce de leche. However, dulce de leche is only available in Mexico.

When it comes down to the creamy liqueurs, Baileys used the Irish whole milk and can be stored for over two years. Baileys has created a line of coffee creamers that is made with cane sugar and milk (breakfast, yay!). The coffee creamers are available in various flavors, such as mocha mudslide, vanilla cream, and original Irish cream. Also, it’s available in salted caramel and sans booze flavor. All in all, the liqueurs are suitable for making desserts as well, such as frozen yogurt, cheesecake, and brownies.

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