9 Best Substitutes For Irish Whiskey

substitute for irish whiskey
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substitute for irish whiskey

If you have ever cooked professionally, we are sure that alcohol is an important part of your recipes. Ranging from whiskey to wine, different recipes call for them. For the same reason, Irish whiskey is one of the most used ingredients. However, if you have run out of it, we are sharing the substitute for Irish whiskey to help you complete the recipe (we have got you!).

Substitute For Irish Whiskey

To begin with, Irish whiskey is made on islands of Ireland and literally means “water of life.” It had been an important part of the culinary industry since the 19th century. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Irish whiskey is the most popular whiskey style. It is distilled from non-malted barley, which is mixed with grain whiskey. Irish whiskey has incredible smoothness and goes perfectly with cocktails. Now that we are clear about Irish whiskey, let’s check out the substitutes!

1) Make Your Own Substitute

Before we move on to the ready-to-use substitutes, you can create your own substitute by using ingredients at home. That being said, collect the 12oz tin of evaporated milk (don’t use the sweet or condensed milk), two teaspoons of vanilla extract, two tablespoons of chocolate syrup, and 1 and 1/3th cup of granulated sugar.

When you collect all these ingredients, combine them in the jar and shake it up. Make sure the sugar is completely resolved, and store this mixture in the refrigerator. Also, don’t forget to shake the mixture before using it.

2) Single Malt

The Irish whiskey has various types available, and single malt is one of them. That being said, if you cannot find one type of Irish whiskey, you can opt for single malt. It is made from the malted barley, which is distilled in the pot. The single malt is available with double and triple distillation as well, and all of them can be used.

3) Single Pot Still Whiskey

This is another whiskey that is made with a combination of non-malted and malted barley. This combination is distilled in the pot while the distillery is single. It is often known as a pure pot still whiskey.

4) Grain Whiskey

The grain whiskey is another substitute for Iris Whiskey, which is made from constant distillation in the coffey or column. Grain whiskey can be made from different types of grains. As far as the taste is concerned, it has a neutral and lighter taste. Generally, it’s made for making blended whiskey.

5) Blended Whiskey

The blended whiskey is the combination of different whiskies that we have mentioned above. The blended whiskey is usually available in Scottish and Irish variants.

6) Bourbon

Bourbon is the American whiskey that is made as barrel-aged liquor with distillation. Bourbon goes back to the 18th century and has been distilling since then. It is served over ice, diluted with water, and some people often consume it with cola. Some people also use bourbon in cocktails and is used for cooking. Earlier, bourbon was also being used for treating different ailments.

Bourbon is an important part of chocolate cake, waffles, and sundaes. For people who are fond of pumpkin pies, bourbon makes an amazing ingredient for that as well. Bourbon is added in sauces for adding flavor. All in all, it makes a great substitute for Irish whiskey.  

7) Vanilla Extract & Water

If you can go with a non-alcoholic substitute of Irish whiskey, you can use one part of vanilla extract with two parts of water. This is the easiest substitute for recipes that don’t need alcohol!

8) Fruit-Based Cocktails

Yes, you read that right! Fruit-based cocktails can be used for replacing Irish whiskey. However, you need to add the vanilla extract with the juice in a 1:4 ratio. If you cannot find the mixed fruit cocktails, you can opt for the lemon juice and tangerine juice and add vanilla extract.

9) Peach Nectar & Cider Vinegar

If your recipe can manage the fruity flavor profiles, you can substitute Irish whiskey with the combination of cider vinegar and peach nectar. For this substitute, you need to add one part of cider vinegar with three parts of peach nectar. Generally, it’s great for replacing Irish whiskey in drinks and punches.

In summary, these substitutes are great for Irish whiskey. If you still need something, you can opt for the brandy extract. So, best of luck with substitution!

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