How To Fix Instant Pot Won’t Open

instant pot won't open
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instant pot won’t open

The instant pot is part and parcel of the kitchen nowadays. It has designed to lift a lot of pressure from people to get what they want at the right time and right place. But what if your instant pot is not working properly, you are using the instant pot to make something and finds out the instant pot is not opening.

At the moment, you try more energy on it to open the steam release handle. It might take you a whole day to resolve the issue, and your guests may have to serve with something else, which was not in the plan. In this article, we give you some of the hacks.

Fix Instant Pot Won’t Open

Why Instant Pot Packed?

The answer to this question lies in general physics, but making it simple for you, this happens when your instant pot creates more pressure inside. Therefore, all the pressure-releasing channels are belocked, or it has a hardware issue. 

How Can We Open Instant Pot?

According to the instant pot’s company guidelines, if you face difficulty in opening the pressure release handle. First, press the pressure release button; this will vent out pressure from the pressure valve. Still, it is not opening, then keep repeating this for a while, and you will get your instant pot opened.

The second prescribed method is that take a plastic cover off from the steam release valve. Take a thin metallic string or something like this, insert in slowly in the valve. It will give way to the pressure and open the instant pot.

Is There Any Alternative To Open Instant Pot?

If you have tried all the remedies provided above and can still not open your instant pot, there is an alternative way to open it. You have to press the pressure release button, which will release some of the pressure out. Then take the metallic scale and adjust it between the gap of both sides of the instant pot’s handle and move it one by one. It is the method through with handle moves and releases out the pressure. The material inside may spill out, but don’t worry. You can clean it up after opening the instant pot.

Instant pot in many kitchens is a blessing, but it is not less than a curse when you can’t open this up. One may have applied many techniques given in the guidelines, and some have coined their techniques. Plausibly, it is difficult to say which method goes well with you. However, one of the suggestions mentioned above will make a difference in your life.

This article has touched issues related to the “instant pot not opening” and produced authenticate methods that work on it. Suppose you have any questions regarding this topic. Feel free to express in the comment box. We will come up with something useful for you.

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