Instant Pot vs Zojirushi: What’s The Difference?

instant pot vs zojirushi
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instant pot vs zojirushi

Buying new kitchen appliances is not as easy as it sounds. Especially when you have to decide between an Instant Pot Rice Maker and a Zojirushi Rice maker.  You must do a lot of research to figure out what appliance suits you the best. This is not because Kitchen appliances are complicated to understand but because you have to choose what’s the best for you.

In this case, both appliances, the Instant Rice Maker and the Zojirushi rice maker can help you make the best rice. But you can’t figure out which one is better? Continue reading because we’ve solved your problem for you.

Instant Pot vs Zojirushi

Instant pot

The Instant Pot is hands down one of the most versatile kitchen appliances. From helping you bake, to tenderize meat, from heating food to steaming vegetables. The Instant Pot is an all-in-one must-have kitchen appliance. It can be used to make very good quality rice. All you have to do is measure the rice, pour in some water, and let it cook. The Instant Pot is a better choice compared to the Zojirushi Rice Maker. As the Zojirushi Rice Maker can only help you make rice while the Instant Pot has multiple functions.

The Instant Pot comes with preprogrammed settings. This appliance has single handily, revolutionized the world of cooking. With its inbuilt settings, you have very little to worry about. The instant Pot auto shuts off once your meal is ready.

Cooking meals especially Rice with an Instant Pot maker is less time-consuming. It helps you save valuable time in the kitchen. An instant Pot keeps all the steam inside and cooks your meals using that inbuilt temperature. This makes your meals more tender and full of flavor.

The old models of Instant pot in some cases are not considered very safe. The gasket and the seal ring need special attention. You have to be extra careful about the temperature and most importantly, it is heavier in size. The heavyweight of the Instant Pot makes it hard to manage once it’s on the stove. An Instant Pot is way expensive as compared to a standard Rice Maker.


You’re probably thinking of investing in a Zojirushi Rice Maker because you love rice? Before the advancement in kitchen appliances, cooking good rice was considered an art. So why invest in a Zojirushi Rice Maker? Primarily because it helps you cook amazing rice. Although other kitchen appliances, like the Instant Pot, can also help you cook rice. But those rice never attain the level of perfection that comes with using a Zojirushi Rice Maker. This Rice Maker keeps the rice warm for longer durations, hence interlocking the rice moisture. Making your rice moist without softening it too much.

Most people don’t consider buying a Zojirushi Rice Maker because it has no other function in the kitchen other than cooking rice. Well, this is a common misconception. You can cook cakes porridges, and steam vegetables. You just need to understand how to work the settings.

The Zojirushi is cheaper compared to the instant pot rice maker. It has been developed using the latest technology. The temperature and pressure sensors inside make sure that rice doesn’t get overcooked. This gives you all the more reasons to relax while your rice cooks perfectly. The Zojirushi Rice Maker has an easy lid removal. You can easily lock and unlock the lid. It is easy to clean and less heavy in weight. This Rice Maker also comes with inbuilt settings. You just have to add rice, along with the measured quantity of water. And then enjoy delicious rice in no time.

Still can’t decide which rice maker is ideal for you? Just remember, all of us have different experiences in the kitchen. Just because a few individuals can’t seem to cook good rice with an Instant Pot rice maker doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice. Similarly, we can’t guarantee you a foolproof rice cooking experience with the Zojirushi Rice maker. Keep your budget in mind when you decide on a Rice maker. An expensive appliance doesn’t always yield better results. Read up the instruction manual carefully and never be scared of experimenting in the kitchen. Happy Rice-ing!!!

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